Wednesday. It’s very cold today. The air is so dense that it’s hard to breath. I’m done with the cold and it’s not as bad as it could be.
No movie last night. My kids were here so everyone went to bed very early. I tried to catch up reading but there is so much that it’ll need a lot of time.
I also have to study the driving rules, I’m really behind with that. Maybe I have a 10% done (and I think I’m being really generous).
It’s not easy doing some things while my mom is here. And s he really doesn’t bother me at all. I just feel terrible if I isolate with the computer and do my stuff.

I’m still looking for the perfect cake, just looking, because I know that mine will be round. And big chance it’s a pie.


th (9)

Again, WHY??

th (7)

Really? Do you feel good slicing Fido?

th (8)

Come on!

th (10)


When my oldest child was 5 or 6, my mom ordered a Buzz Lightyear cake. It was so beautiful that nobody really wanted to cut it in pieces.
And to be honest, those colored things you put on top (rolling fondant??), creep me out a bit. And the fact that you need to touch it and touch a bit more to make the shape, it’s not really appealing to me.

I rather eat something that looks like this.

th (11)

Instead of something that looks like this, that you need your hands to arrange so perfectly. (And I never know if the one who prepared that plate washed their hands after using the toilet).

th (12)

And that reminds me the time my son said to me: “This is the last time we come to eat here. That woman went to the bathroom and didn’t wash her hands”
“How can you know?”
“The toilets are separated but the sinks are in the middle of the hall. She didn’t stop to wash her hands!!”
That really made me laugh because some times I struggle to make them wash their hands before eating. But when he saw that the woman serving his food didn’t wash her hands, he didn’t like it a bit.
A picture is worth a thousand words.

~ by DotedOn on February 18, 2015.

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  2. I am having no computer time when the kids are around at the moment, and it has made me aware of how much time I actually have used on the computer 😛 But it also makes me fall behind on reading other blog posts and even find time to post my own! Coz when the evening arrives and the kids finally are in bed I am crawling to be too, exhausted!

    And the cakes!? Are all those cakes?
    I use glows when I decorate my cakes 😉 I love making fancy cakes for my kids birthday parties, and I have a Frozen birthday party coming up next month! Finding so much inspiration on Pintrest and hope I can make a cool Frozen cake for Lily this year 🙂

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    • It takes so much time reading!! And I hate to miss it. I go very slow.
      And I’m not really good decorating cakes. It takes a lot of time and I don’t like to do it when my kids are around. And then I feel terrible when I have to cut it! 🙂
      I did a Hello Kitty face one… Never again!! 😀

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      • lol I do it when kids are in bed so they get a surprise in the morning of their birthday 🙂

        And agree about the reading, I dont even follow that many blogs, but I miss out on so many amazing posts 😦 And now the weather is getting better here too, so will be less time on the computer also.. But I do my best to catch up every now and then and I do believe this is how it is for everyone! That makes me feel less guilty and sad about missing posts i guess..

        God, I am good at rambling today 😛

        Hope your day is warm and cozy ❤

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      • It’s cold here and I forgot my mittens and hat. My ears are still frozen! Riding a bike on this cold is horrible!!
        I mostly ask my kids what they want the day of their birthdays, that’s about the only time I let them choose 😀

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      • We are having warmer weather, but still some snow 😦 Im craving spring!!

        My kids get to pick the theme for their birthday, and then I surprise with the cake 🙂

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      • Nice!! No theme here. The can choose the food and the cake (round and simple :D)

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  3. lol re the fondant, and your son and the hand washing.

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  4. I kinda like that shoe! 😀

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  5. LI’ve the red shoes cake! Red is your color, BTW….LOL!

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  6. Wow, you are really trying to kill me with this blog, you know!! More…er,um…delectable cakes plus the cute little anecdote about the server that didn’t wash her hands….oh, that’s the life!!

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  7. Oh my, interesting cakes 🙂 I hate eating out. I know many cooks don’t wash their hands, and I could see in the kitchen of the restaurant I was eating at once and saw the cook drop the big wash towel on the floor, pick it up and wipe down the grill. Then proceeded to lay out the bacon and eggs on the grill. Did I say I hate eating out? :-O

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  8. good lesson for him

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