176 Thursday. Another cold day here. The grass has a layer of frost that looks really pretty. It was sunny a couple of hours ago when I woke up, now it’s cloudy and it’s going to rain later. Happy Lunar New Year!! I wanted to write which year people are celebrating this time but it seams that they started counting the year one at three different moments. So this year could be 4713, 4712, or 4652. This is “The Year of the Sheep” for some sheep “The Year of the Goat” for others goat Or “The Year of the Ram” for the rest. ram I also found this that covers all. shoat Today is my last day of 42 years. I’ll be celebrating like I do every year. Special menu today, something Oriental. And maybe a glass of rosΓ© because it’s taking too much space in the fridge and it’s bothering me. I’m posting today the last series of cakes I found. It’s still unclear to me why someone would make a cake looking like food, like a hamburger, a sandwich or a sausage, but ok, they seem to be very popular because I found many pictures of them. t11 t3 t8 t8 But a raw steak?? Is it creepy for everyone or just for me because I’m vegetarian? t12 Now some funny and BAD taste all together. A Viagra cake for someone who turned 40… t4 A WTF!! Is that for a dentist or for someone who got new teeth? t9 Little Tom sleeping, ignoring that it’s going to be his last nap. t10 A baby?!?!?! t13 Naked girl puking on a beach?? Come on!! t14 Rodent… Ok, it’s not a rat but there is not much difference . t15 Drunk girl. Very feminine position. It’s not clear if she lost the shoe or just kicked it somewhere. At least she didn’t vomit yet (but the empty JΓ€germeister is telling me that it’ll happen soon). t16 Bye Bye Tummy, Hello Mommy???? Maybe it’s only me, but that’s creepy!! t17 A turd mountain with fly and toilet paper included. I’m just wondering if the taste of that cake varies depending of what you eat or if it always tastes the same. Come on people!!! t18 That could be only funny for some. t19 Love never dies?? I think that if I get a cake like that my love will go into irreversible coma. t20

~ by DotedOn on February 19, 2015.

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  2. Happy birthday! ❀

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  3. I think you’ve topped yourself today with the cakes!! Happy Birthday my friend!

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  4. Twin P
    There are several sick cakes!!!!!! Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday Twin Paola, happy birthday to you. I wish you many many more, we have plenty of fun to do.
    Love you, say Hola to mama.
    Twin M

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  5. Happy birthday! Oh my gosh, the turd one was awful! So was the raw steak! :/

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  6. Hahaha that is some funny cakes! I cant believe people have had any of them! Hope your last day of 42 is awesome ❀

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  7. Those are really cool cakes, Paola. I like the shark one!

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  8. Pretty sure that cake of the baby is going to give me nightmares. Pretty sure that’s why you included it!

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  9. OMG the shark cake is awesome!

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