Saturday. I had a great day yesterday. I want to thank all of you for the nice wishes. I’ll answer the comments as soon as I can.
My kids are here this weekend so it’s even harder to find time to do something. Last night I had the intention to answer and catch up but I think I fell asleep before 11pm. The nice drink I got (white wine with pineapple) , knocked me down immediately.
Around 4.45pm, a boy came at the door and asked me in German if I had kids to play with. I thought I didn’t understand properly so I called my sons to translate what he said for me. They were talking for some minutes until I said to them to invite him in and play with him.
We asked the boy where he lived. He said he lived down the street. OK.
Around 6pm we asked if he had to go home because it was getting late. He said it was no problem. OK. We asked him if he wanted to stay for dinner with us and “Do your parents know you are here?” “Yes”
At 7.00pm we asked again: “Are you sure you can stay here? It’s completely dark outside. Is one of your parents coming to get you?” “No, I’ll go home soon, it’s fine”.
We started to get worried and my kids were really uncomfortable because they couldn’t really understand the boy (8 years old) where he lived, or where he did go to school, or who was coming to pick him up. Or anything.
Half an hour later, my oldest son got pissed. Really pissed and wanted to kick him out. It was kind of funny. So he sent all my other kids upstairs and made me tell the boy it was sleeping time. The thing was that we were going to watch a movie together, but since the boy was here and he wanted to play Wii, my kids had to do what the guest wanted, so they didn’t like it much.
It was almost 8.00pm then. Kids in this country are sound asleep at 8.00pm.
My mom was really worried. We were checking outside to see if someone was looking for a boy.
At 8.15pm I went to the boy and said that all my kids were sleeping and that I was going to sleep soon. He said: “Ok, when you go to sleep, I’ll go”. I had to laugh in his face. I went and translate to my mom and we were all laughing and couldn’t believe the boy’s nerve.
Then I said to my oldest son: “Put on a jacket and go with him and don’t come back until you see he’s safe home”.
The boy refused to go with my son but I said there was no way to let him go alone. After some minutes, they left together.
Some time later, my son got back: “Mom, you won’t believe this. When Florian (the boy) got to the house and a woman opened the door, he shouted at her ‘I don’t like you’ and ran away. So the woman called someone and said: ‘he got home and he escaped again’. So I told the woman he was all the time at our place and also told her where we lived, I hope you don’t mind”.
“It’s fine. So they were looking for him?”
“Yes, for a very long time!!”
“Oh my God, don’t tell your brothers about it because if they decide to do the same to me, I’ll die”

And because of the boy being here and mostly everything was about the boy all the time, I forgot to take the pictures of the food!!
I felt terrible about it. I got this picture of the leftovers


My toffee


and my pies. My mom and my daughter decided to put hearts on my cherry pie


~ by DotedOn on February 21, 2015.

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  2. Yes, this is exactly why I don’t like having kids at my house, really at all (shhh, don’t tell anyone) but especially for extended periods. Then you have to feed them, you can’t really relax completely…The idea of having a child here with no option to take him home is nightmarish!! Glad you had a good birthday anyway. Your desserts look amazing.

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  3. So you had one surprise guest for your birthday! How intriguing that he singled you out for some late night partying with the Wii. But be careful, once you feed a little boy, he becomes permanently attached just like adult boys. Wii and good food. I think he will want to visit again soon.

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  4. Twin P
    Now your harboring bad run away kids. Crazy. I would think something was up right way. All the food looks good, cherry pie is my favorite. Enjoy home baked goods while I eat a pop tart. I know you feel so sorry for me. It’s after lunch, just eating light and going back to sleep. I stayed up most of night writing the post about my father. I will publish later today. I decided to keep it short and take another approach. I don’t want to relive any memories not needed. You, mama and the kids have a great day. Stick the kids with mama while you nap and play on computer in your princess bedroom. 🙂
    Sleepy Twin M

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    • Dear Twin,
      I’ll read your post soon. I hope you are feeling better after writing it.
      The pie was nice, there is still a piece left and I’ll have it for breakfast soon 🙂
      If one of my kids runs away, I’ll have a heart attack. I couldn’t stop thinking about those parents.

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  5. Twin
    Send me a photo of mama and the kids!

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  6. I would be extremely worried if the same case happened to me. Don’t worry! Your sons won’t do the same as you are a nice mother and your delicious will always make them run back to you. 😉 All the food looked yummy! The pie with the heart shaped pastry on top looked so pretty!!! ❤ Good job Paola! 🙂

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