Mug shot Tuesday. I got that mug for my birthday last week. I love it. Now I think I can’t fit any more mugs in the cupboard.
I’m not feeling well today. I walked to pick my kids from kindergarten because it’s very windy and I got hail. Now I’m sneezing. It’s really a crappy week.
Yesterday my sister called to tell me one very dear friend of my parents (Ernesto) had died. She thought the right thing to do was to tell my mother. She wanted to know my opinion because my mom is here with me now. On the other hand, my brother thought it was a really bad idea to tell my mother, that it was best to wait until she got home. The thing is, my dad is always in the middle and if my mother is sad or in a bad mood, my father is the one who catches all the punches and he really didn’t know what to do.
I told my sister that I thought my mother should know, so after a couple of hours, my dad called and told her. I don’t need to write how painful it was for her to receive the news. I hate seeing my mother sad.
Later, we discussed and she was glad that we told her so she could call her friend’s wife and give condolences.

I don’t really feel like writing anything today. Tomorrow it’ll be a better day.
I just want to post a few pictures of the book I got from Ernesto and his wife for my birthday probably in 1980 and I think it’s one of the only books my mom didn’t give away. I found it in my parents house back in August last year and took it with me.

The book belongs to a series that’s about famous painters and with all their artwork, a story it’s written.
This book is about Pieter Brueghel (? 1525 – 9 September 1569 Dutch Renaissance painter and printmaker).


The first time in my life that I saw something written in a snail way, was in this book. It always makes me smile.


And that’s one of my favorite paintings of all times. I still don’t know why I liked it. Mostly the snow makes me nervous but I love the crows and the bald trees.

It’s called The Hunters in the Snow.



R.I.P Ernesto

~ by DotedOn on February 24, 2015.

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  2. Get well soon.
    Keep on blogging in a free world.
    – The False Prophet

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  3. Those are some beautiful pieces. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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  4. Such beautiful photos, Paola. I’m so sorry for your sadness today. I love your birthday mug–you deserve a birthday mug everyday. (Better build more cupboards!) ♥ ♥ ♥

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  5. That’s so sad, Paola. It’s beautiful that you have cherished gifts from Ernesto. RIP, Ernesto….

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  6. Nice book and memory. I think you were wise to tell your mom. Just imagine if she got home and she knew you guys knew all that time. And yeah, good so she could call the wife.

    and did I say happy birthday? if not, happy birthday!

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  7. Twin P
    Love You, be gentle on yourself.
    Twin M

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  8. Hi P! I too am sorry to read of this tough time for you. May God rest the soul of Ernesto and give peace to you and all his family, your family and his friends. My kids showed me something on Youtube and I thought of you in that moment. Look at Jelly Bath, wine, music, and candles then see if you can find yourself in that picture.

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  9. I’m really sorry for your loss and hope the sadness go away soon! Glad you received a beautiful mug to lift up the spirits a bit at least! 🙂

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