Thursday. Another low day. I still feel like beige underwear. I’m really tired of it. I have almost no energy and the little I have, I have to use it to clean!
Everything has been spring cleaned here. I was glad I could keep my mess in some places but this morning my mother discovered my hiding spots and made me put all in order. And she’s right, I feel better now, after cursing for hours.

I’ll be stressed for a few more weeks until some residence papers are arranged and everything is in order and I’ll know if I can stay here without problems. I don’t have an income yet, so that makes things a bit hard.

The f&%#ing cable company is taking again more money from my account than what we agreed on. When I called they said they wouldn’t do it anymore but I just saw that they decided to add something to my bill. And now I got tired of it. I’ll cancel the service if they don’t make it right soon.

I have really little time and I hate I’m so behind reading your posts. I will catch up. I just don’t have the head in the right place now.
On the positive side, my driving instructor told me yesterday that I’m almost ready to pass. I have to study the rules now, I didn’t fell like doing it these past days.

Something that makes me smile. A selection of my “Blue Sky with Detail”. Those are Spanish blue skies. I’m really looking forward to my next trip in 4,5 weeks.






~ by DotedOn on February 26, 2015.

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  2. Don’t worry sweetie! Just take your time! There is no point of rushing to read our blog. Focus on yourself first πŸ˜‰ Stay well and happy! ❀

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  3. Yes, gorgeous sky and scenery. Hope you are feeling better soon.

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  4. So sorry the melancholy continues just like a bad cable company. I could not look at those clear blue skies without feeling happy. It would be hard to not pack up and just head to Spain.

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  5. Twin P
    Hugs and kisses, a huge vegan chick soup and coco. You will get well in no time. I don’t know about me. Another hard to walk day. Tired of being tired.
    Tell mama hello.
    Twin M

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  6. I also had a low feeling today and the previous days… But hopefully weΒ΄ll make it through! ⭐ All the best to you!, Aquileana πŸ˜€

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