Sunday. I survived another shopping day. It was very intense but I think we managed to do everything. My mom needed to buy some presents. It was sunny the entire day and not really cold until the time we got back home.
Sadly, when we were walking my street and a couple of houses away, my mother fell down, probably because of the difference of levels from the asphalt and the sidewalk which is lower and has mud and stones. She hurt her hand, her knee and her face. I feel really bad about it. I haven’t seen her this morning yet but I hope nothing looks really bad because I know she’ll refuse to see a doctor.

I have a few pictures from our trip.
That’s the bus. I took that picture because my sister can’t believe how small this village is. She thinks we are exaggerating. And I always tell her that I live in the middle of town. That is one street away from the main street that has 2 banks, a bakery, a drugstore, a pharmacy, a fast food/cafe place, a hairdresser, a souvenir shop (oh yes!! we have also a souvenir shop!! I have to go there and see what kind of souvenirs you can get) and a couple of weeks ago, I discovered that there is a Bed & Breakfast too. I really need to see how is this place in summer.


And all the other pictures are from the open market in Cowshitland. I’m not sure if you can see on the pictures, but it was FULL of people there.
Cowshitland is a border town and has about 180000 inhabitants. It’s the biggest town in the area and on Saturdays with nice weather, everyone seems to go to the center.





Now I’ll have breakfast and after that, I’ll “burn my eyelashes” (as we say in my country) studying the driving rules.


~ by DotedOn on March 1, 2015.

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  2. Is Cowshitland the real name of the town? XD

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  3. Wow, who knew so many people would live in Cowshitland!!

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  4. No eyelash Twin P
    How is mama? I hope the injuries were small scrapes. Don’t forget to take photo for me before she goes home. Send to my email. I hope David will have time to take your scarf to post office tomorrow. I can’t believe it has taking this long. I haven’t used mine, that will change soon. I cut all my hair to about an inch long. I can’t get David to use sheers, I keep trying. It’s so easy to shower now. I can’t stand the shower chair.
    Twin M

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    • Hahahaha 🙂 I still have a few eyelashes because I could barely focus.
      It’s hard to take pictures of my mom but I already told her I want a few with of her with the kids.
      Short hair is very nice!! But I’m keeping my long because I don’t have the patience to keep short and tidy 🙂
      Mail the scarf when you can, don’t worry about it!
      many hugs
      Twin p

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  5. P. are some of those inhabitants cows? 🙂 I do hope your mom is okay. It seems you both have had a difficult time surviving the winter ice. Not much longer now and everything will be blooming. Hang on…. 🙂

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    • Thank you D! She has a few scratches, bruises and cuts 🙂
      There are some cows but you can’t see them so often (but trust me, you can ALWAYS smell them!).
      Yes, few more weeks… I can’t wait 🙂

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