Wednesday. Cold and foggy but it should get better in one hour and be sunny the whole day. I really hope so. I want to hang my jacket and leave it in the closet until October. Previous years I could do that in May and the jacket was back in September. I don’t need to write how pissed I was but I guess you got the idea.
My Twin told me that I didn’t write anything about my day. That’s true. If my parents are near, I can’t write. They ask me what I’m writing and I can’t lie. I tried a few times saying I was answering emails but that brings more questions and I can’t handle that. So no writing if they are in the vicinity. Only my kids know I write a blog and they are threaten. I only said: “You better don’t…”. I guess they want a happy Mommy.

A couple of weeks ago when we went shopping to Cowshitland, my mom bought some presents to take back home. We went to a huge clothing store and she got several things for herself, me, my sister and my grandmother. We went to pay and we got from the woman at the cash desk only one bag. We realized we didn’t have all the things late in the evening when we got home.
Next day I called the store. They had the bag there. I said a friend was going to pick it up soon. I asked the man to do it because he still lives in Cowshitland.
He went there and someone had taken all the clothes in the bag back to the shelves in the store. So he had to wait for someone to find every missing item. It took VERY long time. He was kind of mad at me.
Next day, he brought the bag here and when I opened to check if everything was in there, I found out that the sizes didn’t match. Bloody hell I couldn’t ask the man to go again to the store so we had to go ourselves. We did that on Monday. So I had to endure another shopping day. You can see how much I love my mom.
In the evening, when we wanted to get home, our bus never showed up and we had to take a taxi. Apparently, after school hours you need to order the bus. Yes, exactly as you read it. You must call and ask for the bus to be at the bus stop. And of course, I didn’t have my phone. Since my phone is not a smartphone and the only thing you can do with it is making or taking a call, I pretty much don’t care about it so I left it on the table.
Tuesday was uneventful. A lot more of cleaning and fixing and tidying. I mentioned before that my mom is “The Queen of the Clean and the Tidy” but maybe if you are new to my blog, you didn’t know that.
My parents own a factory. They make bags and things of the kind. They mostly work for companies that make promotional articles, like those bags for conventions. One day, a big laboratory asked if they could cut some bandages into squares. But before that, they needed to inspect if the factory was clean enough to handle the medical objects. So they visited the factory and decided to give my parents the job because according to them, the factory was cleaner than the laboratory.
Yes, that bad it is. With my mom you could never tell that in her house three kids were living. And now you wouldn’t guess than five kids are living here.
If you are wondering, I’m not adopted, I just got my dad’s genes.

Off to get a bit frozen while bringing my kids to kindergarten. My dad is fixing a kitchen drawer and guess what my mom is doing??


~ by DotedOn on March 11, 2015.

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  2. Your mom is dancing?

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  3. OOOOh,,,ooooh, I know, I know…cleaning!! Ha, ha! that is so frustrating about the clothes by the way! What a nightmare. I would throw a fit at the store for putting all the clothes back!

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  4. Wow P! Can your Mom and Dad adopt me? I would love to have parents, especially parents like yours. They wouldn’t have to buy me any clothes. I’m not growing anymore so the same pair of pants fit me every year. I can clean really well. I know how to use all kinds of manual cleaning devices like sponges, mops, brushes and I can operate a buffer. 🙂 They sound like wonderful people and clearly they love you very much.

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  5. I honestly wonder what your mum is doing….
    And that whole round about the store movement… phew!

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  6. Having parents around has its perks and its downfalls. When you need to write its tough! But oh the cleaning and projects they are doing–send them to my house!! ❤

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  7. Sweetness overloaded!!! Your parents are super sweet treating you like a princess 😉

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