Sunday. 200 days since I live officially here. I can’t believe it. One year ago I wouldn’t have imagined I was going to end up here. I’m happy. My kids are happy. I’d like a few things to be different but so far, it’s fine.
Yesterday we had a great day. I didn’t succeed with the song. I got like 6 sentences and the idea but no way I could transfer that on paper. And the rhymes came all the time to my head. Also we spent the whole trip talking and laughing.
My dad started the subject of: “Stuck turd in someone else’s toilet”. And what to do and how to remove it. It was very long ago that I didn’t laugh so hard for so long.

I’m sorry I didn’t have the chance to reply to the comments yet. I’ll do it later.
This morning I asked my dad if he liked to paint something for me. He replied, I’d only do it if it’s a painting what you want. I think he thought I was going to ask him to finish the last wall.
I didn’t. I asked him to paint a little rack to hang the keys. I hate misplacing my keys so I wanted a place to put them always. I started that project about three months ago but didn’t finish it. I said to him: “Go crazy, do whatever you please”. He painted two palm trees and three sailing boats. We hung it near the door and I’m sure I’ll smile every time I see it.
After he finished, I said: “Now the painting”. So I took 2 of the paintings the previous tenants left on the kitchen and started painting on them. I’m really happy about the results. They are already hanging in the living room.

I got from my Blogger Twin Melinda (lookingforthelight.me) and AMAZING scarf. I put it on yesterday and wanted some pictures with it.


It was freaking windy and that’s the best I could do. I hate rebel my hair and I don’t have Photoshop. The river behind is the Rhine.



After the pictures, we went to have lunch to an Italian restaurant. I had Tagliatelle with pesto pecorino (goat cheese) and Lambrusco. Delicious!


It’s my oldest son 14th birthday and we are about to eat.
Have a nice Sunday!

~ by DotedOn on March 15, 2015.

16 Responses to “200”

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  2. Happy birthday to your son and your 200 days jubilee. 🙂

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  3. Happy birthday to your son Bon appetit!

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  4. I love the scarf (and the photo!) Paola!

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  5. A rebel girl with rebel hair, an alluring smile, and eyes that tell stories one can’t turn away from. Dang P! You better be careful out there. You are going to break some poor boy’s heart when you send him away. 🙂 happy 200 and to your son. 14 is a magic year for boys.

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  6. You blog is always real. Good, bad, or ugly, no matter your day you are faithful! I believe this is your true trait. Maybe all else can be a mess but you are faithful to your true self. You are finding YOU and YOU are pretty WOW!

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    • Thank you Wife!! You always make me smile!!

      I'll be catching up soon, I hate I'm so behind but I hate even more not sharing my time with my parents 🙂


  7. Hi Twin P
    So glad you like the scarf. I love the writing, all positive affirmations. To me nothing feels better than purchasing an item that lifts someone else on their feet.
    I can use mine as a hanky for now. MY depression is getting worse and with Lyme I feel crazy. I’m crying all the time, some of the tears are for my cat. I don’t want him to go. But it’s time, we talked and I could tell by his dry eyes and accidents everywhere, it’s time. He has stomach cancer, lost weight and he is blind. It’s so hard to say goodbye to a loved pet. I’m crying now.
    I’ll bounce back. I need to get to of the house. I don’t like myself or my husband right now. It’s the other person that shows true colors when depressed, scared or very angry. I’m all the above. My Therapist are starting Skpe sessions which will help so much.

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    • I LOVED the scarf Twin!!
      I’m so sad you are feeling worse… I wish I could help somehow.
      I’m sorry about your cat, I imagine it’s really hard for you to see him so sick.
      I hope the Skype sessions help 🙂
      I’m so behind reading and answering!!

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  8. Beautiful scarf and a beautiful lady 😉 The scarf looked really good on you sweetie!!! 🙂

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