Friday. Yesterday I almost lost my train. I set the alarm clock too late and then I remembered I had forgotten to retouch my toe nails. There was no way I was leaving with that mess on my feet. So I sat down on the bed and applied a layer. Then something told me not to put the sparkly layer, get dressed and leave. So I’m not sure how I made it to the station. Better said, I know how I made it. I run the last two blocks. I got to the train just on time.
Almost two hours after the run, I still couldn’t catch my breath. I left my house and I was sure I had enough time. So I walked slowly with my suitcase. At one point, I decided to check the time. “Oh shit! I’ll be late”. So I start walking really fast. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I panicked and stopped a police/customs car and asked if they could take me to the station. The man officer said: “I’m sorry, but no, we can’t”. The lady officer on the seat next to him said: “Don’t worry. It’s very near, 500m/0.3mi”. What she forgot to say it was from where I should start counting those 500m. 500m my ass!! I’m sure she failed math.
I still couldn’t believe I made it.

I love trains. I was on the first train for only 12 minutes. The second train took almost 2 hours. I sat in one of the cabins I mentioned a few times in older posts, I thought they didn’t exist anymore. Last time I was in one, it was almost 20 years ago. Those are the memories I want keep.

I took these pictures, I hope you understand what I mean.



As I took the iPod to take some pictures of the cabin, a couple arrived and asked if they could seat also in the cabin with me. The cabin has 6 seats, how could I say no.

I sat near the window on one side. They sat in the middle and aisle seat on the other side. I was looking at them. He was around 65 years old and the woman looked at least, 10 years older. I was trying to imagine the relationship between them. “Mother-son? No, she’s not that much older. Husband-wife? no, they’d be holding hands if they were”. Exactly 2 seconds after that thought, they started holding hands. My eyes filled with tears. That’s how love it’s supposed to be.
A few minutes later, the woman stood up and went to the bathroom. The man looked at me and asked: “French?”
“No, Argentinian”
So there it came a little bit of conversation. I explained I had recently separated and moved to Germany.
He then asked: “Do you have a new man?”
“I wish”
“I’m sorry to tell you this, but I’m taken”. We were laughing for some time. Then the wife joined us and he told her all the story. We were all laughing. Minutes later, they had to change trains. They brightened my morning.

That’s me on the train to Düsseldorf. Twin, can you see the scarf? I took you with me!


I got to the airport on time, boarded the plane and discovered that there are new regulations regarding to flights and the plane couldn’t leave at the expected time. We left one hour later.

I arrived safe in Barcelona.


My cousin and husband were waiting for me. Later we went to have dinner. And there the alcohol marathon started. Pictures coming soon.
Later at night, I didn’t feel well. I’m not sure if it was the running, the stress that I could lose the train, the freaking plane that I hate with all my heart, exhaustion the wine, or what… I just felt sick.

This morning is much better. I think we are going to the beach.

Today, one of my favorite guitar players (I know about 2 so it’s not hard to choose). Ladies and Gentlemen, here is Ottmar Liebert playing Barcelona Nights for you. Very appropriate.
Enjoy. And have the loveliest Friday!


~ by DotedOn on April 3, 2015.

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  2. Really enjoyed your narrative!

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  3. So glad to know you met the couple who brightened your day! I think they are a perfect example to show you that the hope for you is just right around the corner. I’m sure your prince is waiting for you somewhere so be patient with him 😉 BTW, thank you for the beautiful music and enjoy your trip sweetie! ❤

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  4. I love meeting people in passing and learning their stories

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  5. Spanish Queen Twin P
    You look beautiful in the scarf, I hope it’s comfy. I have not worn mine yet. I will wear when I get to leave the house. I love the song, Spanish music is romantic, soft, emotional, love music. I’m thrilled to see Barcelona, I here it’s beautiful. Today is good Friday, light extra candles. When you do you come home? If you see a beautiful rosary pick one up if you can, I’m good for the loan.
    I’m smiling you have a break, drinking, and relaxing.
    Twin M

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  6. Ha! Was your toenail polish ruined? Enjoy your trip!

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  7. Great story P! I have many good stories from the trains in Europe. Not so many for planes. Enjoy your time and if you see a prince just remind him he has some business to attend to.

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