Saturday. 4.11am. Something woke me up. Love, I’m sure.
I had a great day yesterday. We went to the beach. It wasn’t really warm but I had taken my t-shirt and shorts with me and wasn’t afraid to use them. So after 3 minutes, I took off my jeans and put on my short. I said to my cousin: “I’ll be European today and undress here in front of everyone”. After that, I tried to change my long sleeves t-shirt for one with short sleeves. I couldn’t be European there. Everyone around was laying (topless) but I just couldn’t take my shirt off in front of them. I knew people were watching me. So I did this crazy thing of keeping my shirt on and try to put the other one on top of it and then remove the one underneath… Freaking difficult and I didn’t succeed. I guess half the beach could see the Wonder Bras.
I’m still shy. Some things never change.
And once I had my shorts and t-shirt on, I couldn’t resist to go and touch the sea. It was cold but not freezing. There were some waves so I got my ass wet. Pictures coming as soon as Jordi (my cousin’s husband), mails them to me.

Since we had walked to the beach, we were quite tired after having lunch (and sangria), so we didn’t stay long and decided to come back home. Total distance walked: 13.5km/8.4mi.
The deal is always to burn what we ate/drank. Or almost always because when we got home, we had some wine with orange drink.

Plans for later today: No idea. It could rain. We don’t know how much so we’ll wait and see. There is a big chance of going to another beach somewhere in Costa Brava.

That’s Badalona beach. In front of the nautical club. You guessed right, free WiFi there.


I’ll wait till a decent time to post this and try to go back to sleep.
9.12am, this will do.


~ by DotedOn on April 4, 2015.

8 Responses to “220”

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  2. funny about the shirts and being European and all lol. Surely you could find the Prince that way lolol…

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  3. I’ve never bee to a European beach where it was okay to be nude. I imagine I would have a difficult time taking my clothes off too!

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  4. How can you be so shy AND be a window washer? 😀

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