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Mug shot Tuesday. That’s the best alternative I got to the “Mind your own f&^king business” mug.
I’ll explain soon why I wanted such a mug. This one says: “I can only please one person per day! Today is not your day… Tomorrow doesn’t look good either!”.

I’m feeling much better today, I have still a little pain but I can handle that. Yesterday I stayed the entire day in bed except for the time I went to the driving school to get back my phone.
Two weeks without my cell phone and only one missed call. Is that good or bad?

I woke up this morning and the first thing I saw was a message from the man:

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It says: “Are you better today?”.
Better than what??? I’m still pissed at him. I never can tell if he has genuine concern about me or if he just needs to have more control over me.
In any case, any time I doubt about it, I remember some thing that he said to me and then for sure I opt for: “He hates he can’t control me anymore”.

For example:
Yesterday when he video called me in the morning and before I started feeling bad, he said: “Something is wrong with you”
“No, nothing is wrong with me”
“Yes, something is wrong with you, I can tell. Do you have your period?”
In my mind: WTF!! What the nerve?! Why the crap do you care? But I only managed to answer: “NO” because I started feeling bad and you could see that in my face.
Asshole… He had like 14 years to care about that and try to handle my, how can I say it in a nice way… “particular” mood. He never did. He never applied to the “Yes, Dear” rule. He just fought me back… That’s not the way to treat a lady when already Nature is treating her in that ugly and unfair way.
So, why the f$#k does he care now??? I couldn’t stop thinking about that… And I got even more pissed off at him.

A couple of hours passed and I wasn’t feeling much better so I had to ask him to pick the kids from school and then to drive me to the supermarket. On the way there he asked me:
“Are you pregnant?”
“What? Hell NOOOO!! How can you ask that?”
“Because I saw you like that 5 times before”
“When you were pregnant”
Asshole… ASSHOLE. He knows my factory is closed. Why did he ask that? I wish he asks me that again. I’ll say yes… Or better, I’ll pretend I’m counting the days just to see his face. Again, asshole.

I mentioned before that I was pissed at him since last week.
The day my flight got canceled, I called him to tell him I would be back one day later. He said: “Ok, I’ll bring the kids to you on Friday. So you’ll have the kids this weekend and the next one too, to compensate for these days that you won’t be here”.
But when I hung up, I started thinking… Compensate what?? Then I got home, I looked at the calendar and saw that he changed the dates because maybe he had plans but made me believe that we had arranged it that way.
Next time I saw him, I mentioned to him that I had written that the kids should stay with him this coming weekend, but he just shouted at me and left. He almost ran me over with the car when I tried to stop him. He kept saying: “I already have plans”.
I feel bad for my kids if they think that nobody wants to be with them. But the truth is, I don’t like when the man changes what we had agreed on.

Last night, he sent a message saying: “Would you like that we split the next 2 weekends so we have the kids half weekend each?”
So I thought: Aha… why in heaven would he want something like that?… So I said: “No, it’s fine, you said that next weekend the kids have to be with me, so they’ll be with me. They’ll stay with you the weekend of the 25th just as WE already arranged.”
“But if you want, we can have them half weekend each the next two weekends and I can make someone happy”.
Make someone happy?!? I didn’t even want to ask what he meant. I just thought that maybe his plans got cancelled and he wanted to “please” me or make me believe he was pleasing me when the truth is that he can only think about himself. He’s exactly like his parents. They turn everything around and always try to put it in a way that they are doing you a favor. F$%k them too!!

Next time, an example of how to “Live and Let Live” never applies to some…
I still can’t believe why some persons have such an unhappy and unfulfilled life that it seems that the only thing they can do is trying to live (control/rule) others life.
So for all those persons: “Mind your own f$%king business”.

Something happy now.
I just went outside and cut my hyacinths. It’s true, they look pretty in my improvised jar/vase and they smell wonderfully.



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  2. Yes, he seems very controlling. So sorry he is causing you pain.

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  3. The way he tries to control is good for at all. I can totally see why you don’t like him. You definitely deserve someone better dear 🙂

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