Saturday. It’s past noon and I only managed to have breakfast, answer one e-mail and load the washing machine (that by accident I put the load first in the drier and was really amazed to see how much could go in it until I realized it was the drier instead of the washing machine… OMG.. This is serious).
I’m totally out of focus. And I need to concentrate and study the driving rules because on Monday I have the test to see if I can do the theoretic part of the test. Here they are SO organized that they pre-test you.

Since I don’t know many people here to give an extra copy of the keys of my house in case I lose mine, and I can’t really trust my kids with having their own keys because I know they’ll lose them, and I’m not planning on giving the man a copy either, I hid one key in the backyard. The only one who knows where the key is, is my oldest son.

Last Thursday, around 7.20am, I was deep asleep because my kids were with the man and I didn’t have to wake up early. Since I’m sleeping really bad and not enough for over 3 years, I decided I was going to sleep at least until 11am or in the worse case, until something woke me.
And of course, the worse case happened. I heard steps. I froze and didn’t really wanted to open my eyes because I was trying to convince myself it was a dream. More steps. I opened one eye and saw it was raining badly. I try to convince myself it was the rain… But, the freaking rain doesn’t walk in the hall near my bedroom. I was panicking because I’m still not over the time someone pointed a gun at me, so between sobs and really regretting not having a knife in my nightstand, I started asking: “Who’s there?”. I was crying and shaking… No answer. I didn’t want to go out the room and check and my legs where not strong enough to stand up and lock my bedroom door. I shouted again: “Who the f#$k is there???” And my oldest son said: “It’s me, mom… I forgot the bus card and Dad said I had to come in and get it”…. The mother f$#ker!! He KNOWS I hate being awake. He also knows that my kids can miss the stupid card one day… And if he really worried about that, he could have given my son some money in case the bus driver decided he couldn’t ride the bus… But NOOOO, what could be better that waking me up??
I was PISSED OFF. I said to my son: “If YOU KNOW I’m here, just ring the freaking bell, you almost killed me!!”, “Dad didn’t want me to wake you”… That was it. The sucker knows every single noise wakes me, so I took that as his way of showing me revenge because he’s pissed at me for not being able to control me.

So I swallow my fury and decided to ignore all the situation. Another day I would have probably left him a corrosive message, but this time, I chose to ignore him.
Friday morning, 7.03am I see a message from the man on my iPod. I ignored it. Ten minutes later, my son starts shouting: “Mom, the phone is ringing”, “Let it ring”… But after 35 times ringing, I decided to go downstairs and answer it. I knew it was the man trying to reach me because I decided to ignore him.
“Is everything fine?”
“Of course it is”
“Ah ok…”
“I have to go or the kids will be late, bye”

At 8.00am he sent another message that I ignored. I went to bring the kids to kindergarten and when I got back at 9.00am, there was another message there saying: “I need to talk to you”.
So I replied: “I can’t now, I’ll be mowing the lawn”… I couldn’t think of any other excuse… So I had to mow the lawn. (Story coming up soon…)
He said: “When are you going to finish?”
“No idea, the grass is long”
“Let me know when you are back”
I knew that mowing the front yard takes me about 40 minutes, and since I wasn’t planning on ruin my Friday, because I KNEW, he was going to ruin it somehow, I decided to have breakfast very slowly and then to go and mow the lawn. So I did it… Then I checked the time and it was way too early to pick my kids so I decided to catch up reading some blogs, answering comments and things of the sort and when it was almost noon I sent a message to him: “I’m back”
He replied: “But now I’m leaving…”
“It’ll have to be another time”
“Ok.. Bye”.

I decided not to ask him about anything the entire day. I know his curiosity will kill him one day so his brain was probably waiting for me to contact him again to know what he wanted, which in another time I would have done it, not out of curiosity but just out of respect because he needed to talk to me… But not anymore, respect is something you win (earn??)… And I’m sorry to say, he lost that. Or better said, I can’t respect him anymore.

This morning, 7.39am a message from the man saying again “Is everything alright?” But this time, what he did was to send that message to the “Group Chat” that my second son created with the 3 of us… His intention was waking me up again and make it look like an accident. Sucker, he keeps underestimating my intelligence. And I clearly told him some months ago that I’m using the “DO NOT DISTURB” function so anything coming in before 9.30am, it’s filtered. (Read, I read it if I feel like it).
I’m not contacting him, I won’t give him the pleasure to ruin my weekend. And when/if he tries to contact me, I’ll have the biggest smile and my eyes will be saying: “See, you can’t hurt me anymore”.

This is how I’m using my “Yes, Dear” days wisely.

~ by DotedOn on April 18, 2015.

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  2. That was a big shock but at least you are taking control and trying not to let things control you instead.

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  3. Wow, he sure knows how to push your buttons, huh? Waking up with a gun being pointed at you? Sounds scary!

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  4. It seems to be one of those week(s)…haven’t been this spaced-out since I was a dreamy kid. Maybe it’s the lure of Spring…who knows?

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  5. Smarter Twin P
    He has to learn you don’t jump for him anymore. If he continues to make this stupid calls, tell him you will not return call until he leaves what the problem is in his message.
    Then always go have a great day.
    Twin M

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  6. I hate when he kept disturbing you like crazy!!! Doesn’t he know what respect is? 😦

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  7. The man is so rude! He obviously cant take a hint either! Good for you for laying the rules down good and clear. X

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