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Mug shot Tuesday. It’s like I need to drink from that mug in order to get through my days sometimes.
I had my pre-test yesterday. Since the driving school doesn’t have internet, the wife of my driving instructor came to my house to see if I was able to work with the software to do the test.
I did three different tests and I passed two.
And I think I only passed them because they were only 20 questions each instead of 30.
Later, she was looking at my progress and she wasn’t impressed. I’m not impressed either.
This is how well I’m doing:

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 12.04.13 PM

If you forgot your glasses, it says: Right answers: 98. Wrong answers: 48. That’s a freaking third!!
I have to study. I know that. But I just don’t have the mind to do it right now. (Or in the past 4.5 months).
I wasn’t feeling well during the weekend so I wasted precious hours. Yesterday morning I didn’t feel good either but I decided to study anyway.
Just when I sat down in front of the computer with my cup of tea to start, the man sent a message:
“Are you there?”
I ignored that for a while and then I answered: “Yes”
“I’m not sure if I can make it, but I think I’ll go earlier to pick the kids. Would you take a walk with me so we can talk?”
Crap… “I have to study for the test”
“That sounds like an excuse… But OK, we can leave it for another time”
“OK”… Then I kind of worried for a bit and asked: “Is it something related to the kids?”
“In a way or another, everything is related to the kids”.
I thought: Thanks for always being an ass and trying to play with my head… So I said: “I really need to study but I could call you for some minutes now”.
“No, study. We leave it for another time”
“If it’s REALLY related to the kids, we can talk now. Otherwise, it’ll really have to wait”.
“You have an ugly way of saying things”.
Eh?? “That wasn’t ugly!”
“Ok, go study”
“OK, bye”.
One hour later he wrote: “I don’t like the way you are treating me, it hurts”. OMG!! For sure he learnt that one from me… From listening to me saying it 20000 times a day.
I said: “Sorry”
He: “You are the only one who can change that, and you really need very little to do it”. And he added the sad smiley because he knows it used to break my heart. (It still does!!).

Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 2.43.33 AM

What an ass… trying to mess up with my head. So if you wonder, I didn’t go for a walk or even asked what he wanted to talk about. I just said “Hi”, helped the kids get into the car and all that, wearing my biggest smile.

After my kids left, I had to clean a bit the living room because it looked terrible. Specially the carped… My kids are PIGS! I was trying to imagine what every crumb that I found on the carpet was… And that got me thinking in this situation:

My Prince calling: “Hi Hon, how are you? Tell me about your day…”
And then it struck me… My days suck!! There is no emotion or excitement. I won’t say that before my kids my days were full of excitement or that I had an amazing job. Not true. Before I moved abroad, I studied and worked at my parents factory, doing some quality control and packaging (read: cutting threads and checking that the cosmetic’s bags were properly sewn and then putting them in a plastic bag, counting 50 of them, so they could go in a box, before the truck came at noon to pick them up).

Shaking my head I thought about my day:
1) I woke up at the last minute possible to wake my kids to go to school.
2) I couldn’t find one of my son’s shoe so I entered the living room. I saw the carpet and started swearing between my teeth. Then I saw that one curtain was hanging from only one hook… The swearing was out and about.
3) I kept looking for the shoe and saw my Arabian Nights Room FULL of stuff all around, so I asked my daughter to “Please help me pick up the stuff and STOP USING MY ROOM as playground (dumping place) because you make a freaking mess and then I have to put that in order and I don’t have the time today… and specially, DO NOT PUT THE BLINDS DOWN BECAUSE THE FREAKING HOUSE LOOKS LIKE A GRAVE!!…
So, while she was opening the blinds, I have no idea how, she managed to take down not only the curtain, but all the hanging system.
I admit, I wasn’t the nicest mom in town, she was shouting “I hate you!! I want to live somewhere else”…
“Oh yeah?? where??”
“In a place where you are nicer”…
I’m an ass… I will go to hell… To the hell where moms that lose it, go… (I bet I’ll find many women I know there).
4) Took the kids to school (late).
5) Folded the wash that was on the living room table since last Monday when I discovered I had forgotten it in the drier… (I put them in a basket after folding and now they are still in the basket in my bedroom).
6) Studied some driving rules.
7) Rescued a tennis ball from the toilet (with bare hands because of course, where are the freaking sticks now that I need them? On Sunday they seemed to be everywhere when the kids were using them as swords).
8) Cleaned the kitchen.

“My day is amazing dear, you won’t believe it”.

And that’s what I would put in the mug.


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14 Responses to “237”

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  2. Ha! Ever the optimist! Yes, the written part of the driving test is very difficult. You think you will do well if you know how to drive but that’s not really the case!

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  3. Twin P
    You just have the mommy hormones. They come and go until kids are taking care of self. Take a hot bath with a nice candle to help you relax tonight. You have a lot going on.
    I’m about to shave my whole head. I’ll send a photo.
    Twin M

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  4. Oh crap! I hope the evening was better than the beginning of the day! SOunds like you are in a rut and need some change.. NOt easy, I know all about it since I am in a rut too and on my way to that same hell where mummy screams to loud to their kids are.. Sending some love ❤

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  5. Hi 🙂 Your day is normal, a normal day in the life of a busy mom. I dont see anything boring about it. Now you just need a nice prince charming to sweep you off your feet! X

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  6. Clearly you have not been taking your required dose of Port and chocolate. You are going to have to drink and eat twice as much to catch up now. 🙂 Better if you do it in Barcelona, yes?

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  7. I guess you have a lot to handle and the man is always creating a mess for you. It just drove you nuts!!! I hope you get a chance to drink some wine and relax sweetie! 😉

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