Saturday. It’s cold and raining. I’m trying to keep myself busy because as I mentioned yesterday, I’m afraid to be alone with my thoughts.
I feel that there is always something preventing me to breath freely. Right now, the thing that has the hands around my neck, is the freaking driver’s license. Why?!? Why the hell did I put myself in this situation?! What am I trying to prove?? I only know that if I fail, the chance of quitting and not trying to do it again, is big. Really big. I wasn’t born to be behind the wheel. (And it’s not because I want a chauffeur, no, no, that’s not my Princess mind talking this time. It’s mostly because I get distracted while I drive. Very distracted. My mind wanders and everything around fades. Dreamers (Hard Core Dreamers, I mean), shouldn’t be driving!! Advice here: Don’t do an image search about that if your kids are near… WTF!? I guess any search with the word “hard” in it, leads only to one place… And it’s not where dreams come from… Or is it?)

Anyway, I mowed my lawn and it looks very nice. I’m glad I did it. Now I hope it doesn’t grow as fast as my hair does. I need to color the roots every three weeks… That’s a lot of time wasted. But I’m not ready to “get natural”. I think I’ll look 30 years older if I don’t color it.

I went to the supermarket yesterday. I realized I was going to run out of bread for my kids’ lunch boxes and I was craving everything. Really anything, sweet, sour, healthy, junk and chocolate. I got a bit of each. And since I was there, I got 6 more bottles of beer. I had a wine rack to fill…
This morning, I realized that I didn’t buy the bread. I desperately need my brain back.

Maybe you are wondering if I used a “Lifter”. I did, I had one beer last night. Only that. And I didn’t like it so I will not buy it again… I decided to try all the beers available here, so I’m keeping a “Liking’s Chart”.

That’s my rack (the one that holds wines and beers and not the one that can hold a tequila shot —> sorry, no picture available)


And that reminds me of the “Rack Incident”…
A few years ago, I was chatting with an English speaking friend. We made a bet and the one who won could make a request to the other. He said: “If I win, I want a picture of your rack”.
At the time, I only knew one use for the word rack, so his request didn’t make any sense. I was really curious so I searched for the word in my dictionary: “Rack: estante, rejilla”… Wait a minute, Rejilla is GRILL!! And a grill is where you heat the sausage!!… What a nerve?! (Probably many of you are suspecting where my brain went…).
I had to ask him what he meant, he was really embarrassed, and so I was… Dirty mind of mine.

~ by DotedOn on April 25, 2015.

23 Responses to “241”

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  2. Oh, rack has more than one meaning? 😀

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  3. Ha, ha, yes the ‘rack’ thing is funny!! Wouldn’t get so hung up on the driving. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder what all the fuss was for. And as for hair dying, another bane of my existence. I hear you Paola!

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  4. of course you can deal with that driving thing! – about the rack incident – words can be tricky – this is clearly one of them – the urban dictionary has a bunch of very funny words about racks! 😀

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  5. I know all about the driving.. Sometimes I am so lost in thoughts I don’t remember where I drove when I stop the car. It’s like I have not noticed anything outside the car. BUT I have been driving for 18 years and never had an accident! So you can do it!

    I know your feeling though about quitting, it’s how I feel about my math right now 🙈

    Hope you are enjoying your rack 😜 🖖

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    • That’s exactly what happens to me!! With the difference that I can;t say I never had an accident 😀

      You can do math with your eyes closed!! It’ll be fine!
      (Enjoying my rack but I’d rather have someone here to enjoy it with me :D)

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  6. Twin P
    Rack can also mean the big boobs. As for driving, driving is not the issue. It’s your attention span. It may be anxiety, ADD or the fact you have so much going on that you’re always planning. It sounds like your oldest has a problem with forgetting bread, runs in the family. Where you live is so remote if you don’t drive it’s hard to do much with 5 kids. I say this with love, you need to use a grocery list. If you had a list and still forgot, see possible reasons above. Don’t think of quitting or say the words, you can make what you think happen. It’s time to bloke out time to only study for driving, nothing else. It will be hard for you because you put every thing and everyone before yourself. Go in you Arabian room, light some candles and just sit in floor or lay down, that way you are not tempted to get distracted. Relax, then be honest with yourself, you are a very strong woman and if committed to driving you will. Imagine yourself going to Mill without distraction. You can pass the test if you study and tell yourself you will drive.
    Not as a quitter, remember because you can drive doesn’t mean you have to if you would rather walk. You just have to keep you skills up and go enjoy another town near by.
    Twin M

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    • Dear Twin M,
      I mostly have a grocery list but I thought I could remember the ONE thing I needed to buy 😀
      My mind is always wandering and if I’m doing something (like driving) for some time, I can’t help it, I’m lost in my thoughts and I don’t see anything around!
      I’m trying to relax and study as much as I can now that I’m alone and don’t need to take care of anything else. It’s now or never!!

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  7. I totally understand what you mean about not being able to concentrate while driving!! Now I’m worried that that will happen to me when I learn to drive (the idea that that it might happen never occurred to me before); I am always day dreaming… Seriously, my thoughts won’t leave me alone for a second. I find it really hard (or shall I say, difficult XD) to meditate, it’s virtually impossible. And I can barely sit through a whole film. Maths seriously suffers too. It’s as if I’m scared of what will happen if I only focus on one thing at a time. I get bored too easily as well… I have to have music playing almost constantly to function 🙂 Even then, I’m always changing the songs rather than doing what I’m meant to be doing. I actually think that my music taste stems from my boredom issue. I have listen to FAST, heavy, loud and/or very emotional music all the time… About the driving licence, I wish you utmost success and the best of luck!!!! And if you don’t pass, you’ll still have added to your experiences, and you’ll know that you had the guts to try! Also, at the very least it will make an interesting blog entry 🙂 BTW I searched hard core dreamers and went to images, but I didn’t find what you were talking about 🙂 Maybe I didn’t scroll far down enough, and that’s probably a good thing!! Lol. The rack incident you were referring to… so, did your friend actually mean the literal meaning or the dirty one? Haha, you always have good anecdotes. The bread one was funny!! It was probably not so funny for you though – did you have to go back to buy it?

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    • Wow Jamila! You remind me of myself when I was your age… So here is the thing, if you want to end up like me, keep doing what you are doing… Otherwise, you can still change 😀
      I better pass the test or I’ll be so hard on myself that you’ll hear me crying 😀
      I use Yahoo and I had to turn off the safe search… I’m glad you didn’t see anything. I’d feel terrible having your parents knocking at my door and explaining! 🙂
      I think he meant to see my upper rack because I don’t think anyone would be interested on the place where I store stuff… Some men!! 🙂
      I didn’t go back to get the bread, I’ll have to do it tomorrow… I can’t believe how I could forget the ONE thing I had to buy! 🙂

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  8. Wish you all the best with the driver’s license dear! 🙂

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  9. I’ll trade you the cold and rain for sunny Florid-uh LOL

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