Wednesday. On Monday I opened the mailbox and found a letter from customs saying they had retained a package for me and that I had to go two towns away to pick it before the 14th on weekdays from 8am till 4pm… Crap. It’s always a problem to go to other towns without a car and with buses that don’t ride all the time.
I called to the phone on the letter and asked why the package was retained. The man explained something and asked me if the content was a gift. I said I wasn’t sure which package he was talking about, so I asked: “Is it a package or an envelope?”
“Kind of a package”
“So it must be a tiara I ordered for my daughter”
“And is that a gift?”
“Yes, for her… I paid about $4.70 for it, how much it’ll cost me?”
“Nothing then”
“Ok, I’ll try to pick it up soon”

I was convinced the tiara was stuck in customs.

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.57.54 PM

My daughter is looking forward to get that tiara so I had no other choice than asking the man if he could drive me there. I sent a message asking if he could take me after bringing the kids to school on Tuesday. He said that he wasn’t sure, that probably it was better another day and that he was going to answer me later. I went to sleep before 10pm and I saw that he replied at 11.15pm saying he was home. I didn’t feel like talking so I ignored his message.
Yesterday at 7.50am he came here and asked me if I still wanted to go pick the package. I got dressed and we left. I hadn’t sleep at all that night and at one point around 1.30am, I remembered a friend from Louisiana had sent me a package with some products that she sells. “Holy f#$k if that’s the package”.

While in the car I told the man I suspected that instead of finding the tiara, I could find some herbal products that my friend had sent me. Some products that her supervisor advised her NOT TO SEND ME because the laws here could be different and some products may not be allowed.

I got there, I showed the letter and the man took the package. I almost pooped in my pants. SHIT!
“I have to see what’s inside”
“Ok… My friend sells beauty products. She wants me to try them”.
He turned the package and 3 boxes fell on the counter.

He took the first box.


He opened it.


I didn’t understand at the time what it was, but then I saw the USB and said: “It looks like something for the computer”
“You can take this one”

It’s an e-cigarette… I’m not sure how the guy missed that.


In that moment, two young persons who looked like they were on training, entered the room.
The guy took the second package, a box with something that looked like a cream and a very suspicious design. From the distance I thought I saw written ‘aloe vera’, so I said:
“I think it’s an aloe vera cream”
“Then it has to stay here. And I’ll tell you why soon”


Then he took the third package. I saw the first word inside the square and my stomach started to hurt badly. DOUBLE SHIT.


The guy looked at the box and turned it around. I couldn’t stop shaking and I was praying that the two young guys stayed quiet.


I said: “It says herbal, it must be tea.”
“It looks like it. But I must check the ingredients and see on my list if there are forbidden substances in it”.

He took the two blue boxes and walked to the computer to compare the ingredients to the ones on his list.

“The tea is fine, the words don’t match, you can take that too… Let’s see the cream… Hold on, it doesn’t say aloe vera, it’s written: Oil, Cera Alba, jojoba, ginseng, etc…. all is fine. You can take this one too”.


Did you read the last line?

He made me sign a paper saying that I took the package. I walked to the car and said to the man “DRIVE FAST”.
“Because if the guy realizes what he just did, I’m fu#$ed up”
“What did your friend send?”
“The products she sells… ” I started opening the boxes to show him and “WTF!!! I’m so glad he didn’t open these boxes!! LOOK!!”



“Who’s that friend?”
“G…, remember? I play Words With Friends with her”
“But she’s like… 60??”
“65 yes… and she smokes pot if you want to know”.
“Oh… And why did she send you that?”
“I have no idea… She said that the products are great and that she feels SO MUCH BETTER… she thought I could try them and see if they could help me too”.

When I got home, I discovered that inside the package, there was something else.



That last one could have been a problem… too.

I played dumb… Did the guy play dumber?
What can I say? I guess I’m a lucky person. And why these odd things keep happening to me??
Now not only I have a wine rack full of alcohol to drown my sorrows… I could also get high with my “gift” if I feel like it.


~ by DotedOn on May 6, 2015.

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  2. That is certainly worth a good poop in the pants! Beauty supplies that make you laugh at nothing and gives you the munchies. What a great idea 🙂

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    • I don’t know how the guy missed the word “cannabis” in every package… At one point I wanted to ask him if he was stupid or what?
      He made such a fuss about the aloe vera!! 🙂

      Now I’m also having a hard time explaining to my friend why I don’t dare to try the products 🙂
      Everything is unreal… I wish I could disappear for a while 🙂

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  3. Holy Hemp, Batman! ROFL

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  4. Oh, boy!!!! we are going to have SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!!

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  5. Wow, that’s a rare treat in the mail!

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  6. That is really weird. For all his suspicions, he didn’t even find what he was looking for. Lucky you made it home with those. You’ll have to let us know how, ahem, effective they are!

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  7. Wow! Pot beauty products! If you wear it, will you get buzzed? 😀

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  8. I’m glad you didn’t get caught and made it home safe 😀 Although the products were weird, somehow it was your lucky day 😛

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  9. Twin P
    You do find yourself in some strange situations. I can’t wait to hear how they work. It’s been a while since my last toke. Be sure a take a photo of all the items you bake while you have munchies.
    Twin M

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  10. That’s no tiara! Way better than a tiara!

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  11. […] something like that before in my 18 years living in this area. A couple of days ago, I wrote about the package I got from my friend. After I got the package, I sent a message to thank her and I explained why I didn’t dare to […]

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  12. […] made of cannabis oil and she sent me a few things so I could try them. You can read more about it here. I didn’t smoke the e-weed or planned to, so I gave it to […]


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