Monday. I’m still looking for a way to avoid Mondays. The only thing that makes me smile is that this Thursday and Friday there is no school, so the entire week I won’t need the alarm clock. That feels great. Now I have to remember to deactivate it on the phone or it’ll wake me and piss me off beyond limits.
I had a nice Mother’s Day. I met my kids at the playground and I got 5 scented candles, those that last for about 50 hours. I don’t light candles when my kids are here because my oldest son likes fire too much and he’s always playing with it. When he was about 2 or 3 he was fascinated by fire and I didn’t know what to do to make him understand that it was VERY dangerous… One day I decided that an image was worth a thousand words… So I spent a few moments collecting some images of burnt children. I know it sounds like a very mean thing to do, but some kids trust you when you say things are dangerous and that they could hurt themselves if they keep playing with them, and other kids are more stubborn and need to learn by their own experiences (I was one of those, so I know).
So I showed him how he could look if he got burnt rather than wait and let him see it on his own. I was gladly surprised at how effective my idea was.
I did the same to show my second child why he shouldn’t run with knives or scissors… Another lesson perfectly learned.

After I said bye to my kids, I got home and continued with my sewing/crocheting/crafting projects while having a really nice dinner alone. Somewhere behind the mess, there is a scented candle burning.


I just decided I will turn some Mondays into Informative/Educative Mondays… That way I’ll probably like them more. Let’s see.

A couple of days ago, my Dear Twin M (lookingforthelight.me) wrote: “Don’t forget to check your kids for ticks, they are more active in hot weather”.
I’m sure is hot in Texas now. Here it’s trying to get warm. I’m wearing my shorts and short sleeves t-shirt because I refuse to be in May with long pants, but you have to know that I have a blanket wrapped around me and I’ll have to change before going out.

My old followers already know that my Dear Twin M has Lyme Disease. She just got the shocking news that she could need another 5 years to get better. I had a hard time processing that information because I know I couldn’t stand my 5 days of pain. I suffocated, I cried. I could barely breathe. I hit my pillow and screamed and sworn and hated every second of those 5 days… And thinking that my Dear Twin could have pain for the next 1827 days (I counted 2 leap years), it makes me sad. And I feel guilty and impotent.

When I asked what I could do to help, she said something like “Help me raise awareness”.

Some months ago, I wrote this post about tickborne diseases.
Today I’ll add a little more information and a couple of graphics (since it seems that I’m better teaching that way).

Probably now you are asking yourself: Why should I worry about this? I could write 300 reasons why and bore you to death, or I could just say that if you don’t worry about this, you could regret it because you knew it could happen and decided to do nothing about it. (Tough love baby. Your choice of learning… You have the easy way and you have the hard way…).

This year, after a long and really cold winter, the ticks are hungrier than ever. They started their activities earlier, they are more abundant than other years and they even went urban. So don’t think that if you live in NY you are safe(r), because even though the chances of getting bitten are smaller, it doesn’t mean that they are none.

It’s important that you know the ticks

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 8.34.34 AM

Did you know that the nymphal stage of the deer tick is the size of a poppy seed?



I bet you won’t enjoy your bagel so much from now on…

And know what to do if you get bitten.

First, how to remove a tick safely.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.12.38 AM

You can also watch this video.


And take a few moments to read HOW NOT TO REMOVE A TICK. Why? because what it works for one kind of ticks, is completely wrong for the other kind. So you better be prepared.

Often repeated folk remedies like touching the tick with a lit cigarette might have worked to remove American dog ticks, but these days the most common ticks people encounter are blacklegged (deer) ticks and Lone Star ticks. In their adult stages, these two tick species attach with great tenacity–they insert their longer hypostomes (mouthparts) deeper into the dermis than Am. dog ticks, and their hypostomes come with more backward pointing denticles (barbs). Deer ticks also secrete a cement substance that glues them into the skin of the host. When the ticks are full of blood, they secrete enzymes that dissolve the glue allowing the tick to detach. Attached nymphal stage ticks are just too small to touch with a lit cigarette without risking a skin burn, or making the tick vomit into the bite site. Nymphs also attach with great tenacity.


If you were bitten by a tick and you suspect you could be infected, GO TO THE DOCTOR… Don’t wait… And don’t Google stupid home remedies or think you are healthy/strong and nothing could happen to you. Because you could be surprised… And trust me, you won’t like that kind of surprise.

And please, don’t make me post images of sick people, even though I know that’ll probably work.



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  2. Happy no alarm clock week!

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  3. So nice of you to raise awareness on behalf of your friend. These are definitely things that would not occur to me.
    One my daughter’s 3rd birthday we took her out to one of these kid tea party things and they brought out some kind of cake with a candle in it and she promptly snuffed out the flame with her fingers, cried for about half an hour and then fell asleep. I don’t think she’s attempted to touch flame since.

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  4. i love this short week too usually, but since I am reading up on my math it is super inconvenient! But happy that you get to enjoy it 😉

    and ticks are scary shit! I am so scared of them, I have never seen one and I hope I never will! But thanx for the great info, its never bad to educate on something so dangerous!

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