Mug shot Tuesday. Yesterday I was asked how my relationship with the man was right now. If we were still friends. How was the communication between us…
I answered that we were never friends and probably that was one of the problems why everything went so wrong.
How could you not be friends with your partner? It beats me. He never wanted to be my friend. He never understood that part. I tried a few times explaining that even though we were more than friends, we needed to be friends first. You know, the kind of friendship that you treasure no matter what. He thought that wasn’t important. I’m sure he regrets his stupidity now.

Why can I say that the man was never my friend?
For the things he said to me. A friend would never say things like:

-Who could want you with five kids?
-Those stretch marks are sure a turn off.
-When you find a man, be sure he has a dick this big

th (7)

because if he doesn’t, he won’t feel anything there after 5 kids…

Yes, he said that to me. He was my partner and the most important person in my life for over 14 years and he said that to me when I left him.
I understand, he (his pride) was hurt… But WTF, he destroyed me with his words. It took a lot of mental control to pretend it didn’t affect me. I did say: “You are an asshole”.

Anyway, he wasn’t the only ass who said ugly things to me. Some men are unbelievable… And I’m not talking about the truck drivers back in my country. Oh gosh, they can be RUDE… I’m talking about men I know and I thought they were my friends.
Imagine how shocked I was after listening to things like these… Because, come on!! They knew I had 5 kids (and I delivered them naturally).

-Men care about how tight a woman is.

We like this:

th (11)

and not this:

th (9)

-But don’t worry, you can always get a reconstruction down there.

th (12)

Many more things were said to me. And I’m sorry but right now, they don’t come to my mind. Shame…

All that crap was useful anyway. When I told people the things that were said to me (and of course, after the shocking reaction: “Did he really say that to you?”), the people who really cared about me were all supportive and agreed that you DON’T SAY anything like that… to anyone.


th (10)

Thank goodness not all men are so shallow. Real men love real women. And real women don’t particularly look like models, at least, most of them don’t.

And honestly, if I love someone, do you think I’d care if he has it this big?

th (6)

My Prince would say something like: “It’s a blessing that you are not tight because after seeing you I’d be so turned on that otherwise I’d last less than one minute”.


I hope nobody is offended. I couldn’t resist those pictures… I searched images of “this big” and when I saw Mr. and Mrs. C. (and after laughing for some time) I needed to have them.


~ by DotedOn on May 12, 2015.

16 Responses to “258”

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  2. I only heard this type of language from juveniles with no knowledge of love or true friendship with the opposite sex. Sometimes juveniles grow older but their minds never develop. This issue was addressed in detail in the Kama Sutra written in the 2nd century CE. Westerners misunderstand the Kama Sutra as a sex manual but it is more a spiritual guide for human desire. For such a subject to be so well documented many centuries ago proves the importance of spiritual and physical matching or compatibility. This is impossible with someone so clueless so don’t waste your time being insulted by ignorance, instead remember it is more powerful than any muscle a man possesses. It has the strength to collapse or build empires, capture hearts, and ensure mankind lasts long enough to find our humanity. In the end, it is a muscle that requires exercise to stay fit. And, it’s always more fun to exercise with someone that truly loves you.

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    • I totally agree with their minds never developing 🙂
      I was shocked to hear that coming from him… I suspected he was an ass, and he just made me confirm it 🙂
      Exactly, true love is blind to all that crap 🙂

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  3. I think a man who is in a relationship with a woman but doesn’t see her as a friend is a misogynist. He probably doesn’t like women at all and that’s a big problem for him, not you!

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  4. I agree with Marissa. You have to be friends, or what’s the point??? I had to laugh at your photos, Paola. They were perfect for the subject matter, although I wouldn’t want Mrs. C looking at me with that ‘tiny’ gesture. 😀

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  5. its amazing how some men use the wrong head sometimes! you are perfect just as you are, and you should be so proud to have delivered 5 perfect little ones! And your ex should really be proud that you delivered HIS babies.. and not care so much about how it is down there afterwards!

    and i believe that you mr.right will not care about any shit like that, he will be the perfect gentleman and love you for who you are inside and outside and also have lots of love for your 5 perfect creations ❤

    hugs xoxoxox

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  6. How can you leave friendship out of the relation? Total ass! You should be proud of your 5 kids! I can’t write a sentence with the word size in it! 😀 Not now! 😀 Not after seeing Mr and Mrs C being so frank about their issues!

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