Saturday. It’s cold and rainy. Half May and 10ºC/50ºF. The weather forecast says it’ll stay like today for the next 10 days. It’ll get a bit warmer but not enough for wearing short sleeves. It’s one of those (crappy) years… There is not much you can do in this small town and really nothing to do if it’s raining. So many days with the kids inside the house is a real challenge. I was waiting for the spring for so long to get this?!? I feel really disappointed.

We are planning to watch a movie. That will happen if my kids agree on what to watch. It’s so hard to please everyone. And I hate starting to watch a movie and after some minutes listen to them complaining. Is it me that I lost my precious patience?

I just showed my kids the video of the father who forced his son to smash his Xbox with a hammer because he failed at school. You can watch it here . I said: “I totally understand that man”. My kids were shocked.
One of them said: “We don’t have a Xbox”
I replied: “And I don’t have such a hammer. But don’t worry, I can always improvise”.
I think that someone should suspend my “mother’s license” when I’m on my “Yes, dear” week.  If you wonder what a “Yes, dear” week is… It’s that week of the month when I only want to hear that answer.

I’m working on the research about what turn men on. I got a few more responses which is really good. I didn’t have the time to ask my male friends and honestly, I wasn’t sure how to ask. I was afraid of a reply like: “Mmmm, what do you have in mind?” I know what I have in mind… So I better prepare my speech before asking.
I’d love to get at least 50 replies and so far, I have less than 10. I’m glad that I also got responses of what turns some of you off.

I’m a bit behind reading and answering comments, I’ll try to catch up soon. And for some reason I’m not getting notifications or emails. Anyone having the same issues?


I hope Elvis is right.
For how long can you hide the truth? Because the freaking sun can stay hidden for very long time here!!


~ by DotedOn on May 16, 2015.

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  2. Is this open to women? I could tell you some things that turn on man and they would be really smarmy comments 😦 Unfortunately in this day and age it would be porn and “anything they can’t have.” Sorry but that is how I feel about it.

    Hope you have a wonderful day! and that is said w/ sincerity and w/o smarminess 🙂 xo

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  3. CA is like that, gets cold in the spring. Just have to wait it out. Yes, sorry my answer on what turns men on was so vague. It really varies. Some like overtly sexy, some more subtle, and some like a woman who is smart and can make them laugh. My opinion anyway. As for emails and notifications, that has happened to me before and it turned out everything was going to my spam suddenly. I just marked one of them ‘not spam’ and it stopped.

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  4. Not Happy Twin
    Spring/summer is so close. You might ask the guys you play Friend with. That will pass some time. Maybe look for statics on the internet, that is solid evidence against your data.
    Slept almost all day today, that’s two in a roll. I’m trying the bed tomorrow. The couch is killing me.
    In Pain Twin M

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  5. No weather issues over here (details about it could make you even more depressed) – is it a fact or kids can’t watch a movie anymore? They watch it as if the movie were a 37 seconds video where something weird or funny is about to happen! Even longer videos are rejected if “something” doesn’t happen soon!
    Looking forward to read your research final results! 😀

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    • 😀 I’m already depressed José!
      I have no idea what it is but my kids lose interest soon. And 37 seconds sounds pretty much like a record to me 🙂
      I’m working on the research. It’ll take a few more days because I’m waiting on some replies 🙂

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  6. I would like to volunteer some more data to your research. Of course, there are wide ranging personal preferences but one important thing has to be a woman that signals she is interested and available. It doesn’t have to be overt. The very subtle and engaging personality that says I’m interested in talking to you can be a huge delight, even if nothing but a short pleasant conversation takes place. If the interest is deeper then things can progress from there. It is subtle body language and a willingness to engage in positive conversation that can make very good connections between two people. Of course, getting into a farting contest is not the kind of communication to lead with. One should wait at last an hour before attempting such overt revelry. Timing is very important in such a case 🙂

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