Friday!! Finally!! I’m happy now because I was waiting for this day to come but I know that I will start hating the weekend as soon as this day is over. I’m so behind with everything that again I feel like escaping. Not only with my mind. Actually leaving.
I could do that. I could take the train and go somewhere until Tuesday since there is no school until Wednesday. And then when I’m back I know what it’ll happen. I’ll stare at the front door for about five minutes and see if I’m strong enough to face reality. This time reality has the shape of 4 loads of wash on the living room table. Actually it’s not that bad. I could just man up and fold that and be happy. I still have one beer in my rack and three bottles and 3/4 of wine. And the yard looks incredible with all the flowers blooming so I could seat outside (with a freaking blanket around) and enjoy…
So why I’m not doing that? Because I HATE TO DO IT ALONE. Some things are meant to be shared. Like a glass of wine in the garden. And if I want to have my glass of wine alone, it has to be because I wanted it that way and not because there was no other option.

I’ll try to use the weekend to finish my research and study for the driver’s license test. It’ll be in about three weeks. I’m not looking forward to it.

If I could just stop escaping and face the freaking problems and if I fall just wipe the dust and keep going… That’s what I tell my kids every time.
So why is it hard to teach an old dog new tricks?
The old dog should know that some of the tricks he uses are not good anymore.
The old dog shouldn’t be scared of change.
The old dog should know that even if something goes wrong it doesn’t mean that everything around will fall apart.
The old dog should know that even if everything around falls apart, he’s not alone.

Why is this old dog losing his memory?
Hey old dog, you are not dead yet and your best days may be ahead. So if life is hard now, just pee on it and walk away.

IT’S FRIDAY, I’M IN LOVE! Really? am I? I guess so. I’m wiping the dust and going on.
A couple of days ago, I remembered this song. I still don’t know how or why because it wasn’t a favorite of mine. I think it’s because I liked the tittle and it reminds me of happy times in my dad’s car. I think he got the cassette with this song in it at a carwash. The cassette was called something like “Llena Tu Cabeza de Rock ‘8?” (Fill Your Head with Rock ‘8?… or something like that). My dad loves music. I didn’t take after him. Anyway, I remember listening to this cassette over and over while we were going somewhere.
I think the song goes perfectly with this post and everything that has happened to me these past days.

…Seasons will change. You must move on. Follow your dream!!

I saw the video for the first time yesterday. The 80’s were funny. The hair styles, the clothes… the moves!! (And the pictures that are hidden under 5 keys and I hope they never come to light).

Dedicated to an Old Mad Dog… Let’s learn new tricks, NOW!

Enjoy GTR!!

When The Heart Rules The Mind
(written by Steve James Howe & Stephen Richard Hackett)

Mother protect me, protect me from myself
Lately I can’t tell, who really are my friends
Burning the candle, the candle at both ends
Through crowds, across floors each night I just pretend

When the heart rules the mind
One look and love is blind
When you want the dream to last
Take a chance forget the past

Watching the actor, that takes the stage by storm
Stealing the limelight, while we’re in the wings
Sometimes the hero, must play the underdog
But I don’t feel the same I must have everything

When the heart rules the mind
One look and love is blind
When you want the dream to last
Take a chance forget the past

Seasons will change
You must move on
Follow your dream

Have a Lovely Friday!

source: metrolyrics.com

~ by DotedOn on May 22, 2015.

14 Responses to “268”

  1. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE.


  2. You’ll do fine on your driving test, Paola. Just don’t listen to GTR while you drive, and certainly not Rebel Yell. That may make you drive really fast. πŸ˜€


    • I didn’t even know GTR, I knew only the song πŸ™‚
      And I hate speed… The instructor pushes the gas on his double commando thing because I’m too scared πŸ™‚
      I hope I pass Rob, something has to come my way, right? πŸ™‚


  3. Oh yes, I remember that song! How funny! Hope your weekend and driving test turn out well!

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  4. Post your test results. You’ll do great!! ❀️

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  5. Wishing you all the best with the studying this weekend and, yes, the 80s were a funny time πŸ™‚

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  6. That’s it P! While you are crying and wiping snot keep folding, mowing, cooking, shopping, washing, and occasionally keep drinking πŸ™‚

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