Sunday and sunny! I can’t believe it. Thank you Kim for the sunshine!
I guess I’ll be removing the bad weeds as soon as I finish breakfast. I could even mow the front yard. I could it doesn’t mean I will.
A few weeks ago I mentioned the man calling his girlfriend “not girlfriend”, because according him, she doesn’t enter the category of woman that he will ever marry. So for him, she’s only a friend.
I’m fine with that but I would prefer if he calls her girlfriend in front of my kids so they don’t get any more strange ideas about relationships. I think they are already confused in that area.
So I decided to research the dating categories and write about it.

I’m not familiar anymore with the dating scene and dating codes. In the past years new terms of relationships (at least for me) appeared in daily life.
I remember before you had the categories: Friend and Boy/Girl-friend, where you had friendship in the first category and a more intimate relationship in the second one.
Then one day I heard the term “Amigovios” in Spanish, which could be the equivalent to: “Friends with Benefits”.
That’s a category that really puzzles me. I’m too old fashioned, I guess.
Let’s supposed that one day you decide to cross the friendship barrier and sleep (I hate to use that verb in reference to sex) anyway, let’s continue with the (not actually)sleeping with your friend.
I wonder if the friendship is ruined after the sex?
I wonder if one of the two agreed on something like that because new feelings started growing in them and just had the hope to ‘conquer’ the other one.

I don’t know how to explain it. I have a few really good male friends. The kind of friends that if I think in something intimate happening, it’d be incestuous.
I understand much better the other new category to me called “F#$cking Buddies”.
Why my old fashioned mind can understand better this other category? I don’t know. Maybe because I value friendship very much. Or is it because of the secrets I share with those male friends? I really don’t know. I can only tell that if you entered my house being “my friend” I don’t think I’ll be showing you the bedroom. And if I do it, it’s because some feelings grew in me. And if it’s that way, then my friend, we’ll have to talk and if things are reciprocal, then you’ll have an upgrade and become my boyfriend. There is no way you are getting any benefits from me.
And if you my friend are the one growing feelings for me and I’m not… shit then, I wouldn’t know how to handle that. I would hate to lose your friendship. I’d hate to see your eyes full of love and not being able to correspond that love.

Not corresponded love and timing are two subjects that make my stomach hurt. They are mostly associated with heartbreaks. I have SO many stories to tell about those subjects and they can all be told in first person. If I keep blogging, I guess you’ll know them sooner or later.

While I was searching “dating categories” in order to write this post, I came across a few things quite unexpected for me… Mostly the search gave me the “dating categories” that you can choose from the online dating sites. I had kept the tabs open on my browser to show them to you, but I guess that they reloaded a couple of times so what I wanted to show, it’s not longer there.
Anyway, I’m nobody to judge but I have to admit that one of the top dating categories (or things people choose) made me raise my eyebrows. I totally understand that some people like: “Transgender”, “Fetish”, “Sugar Daddy” or “Cougar”… But who could choose the category “Criminal”?

And I’m worried about not getting my heart broken… Some things are not good in this world.

~ by DotedOn on May 24, 2015.

17 Responses to “270”

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  2. You’re very good at writing about this stuff! I enjoy your clairvoyance!
    Less seriously, what if that category is some sort of police control – the site is helping them to keep track of such people so as to be on line without further questions. Am I watching too many crime TV series? 😀 Have a good Sunday!

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    • Thank you José 🙂
      I enjoy writing about this stuff… I wish I always feel good to write about this stuff only 😀
      That could be an explanation!
      Have a good Sunday too! 🙂

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  3. I really don’t want to leave TMI in this comment, but when I was young, I rarely had anyone I would consider my BF or friends with benefits. They were all f*** buddies if you ask me. When I finally found one of these that was my friend as well, I married him.

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  4. P
    You’re right no one wants to have their heart broken. I had share of men with mask and changed later in relationship. I’ve hear of friends using every category. As an adult we make decisions that are ok for us. I continued “see” an ex boyfriend for six months. Why that time was different but it was a good decision for me. I had not enjoyed the benefits before but I was close to 40 years old. I wasn’t looking for love. Maybe that’s part of the decision making process.
    Fxxck Buddies is an insult, in fact any table is an insult.

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    • Twin, I’m always looking for love! It’s still hard for me to accept that not everyone is after the same thing! 🙂

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      • There are several fundamental ways we are different, one we all are, child abuse, father’s sexual abuse, drug addict and alcohol. I have wanted love when not in a relationship but the scars of my past can get in way.
        I shut down and protect myself. Once I move on I can take another chance.
        You are a true romantic at heart. I love that about you, your heart allows you to be open for love.
        I have always believed the right person will come into my life if we were meant to be or drunk enough to stumble into love.
        Things will work out according to Gods plan. We don’t always see his plan at first. Sometimes Gods plan is a lesson not bringing what you want. Keep faith, everything will work out in time.
        Big Hugs

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      • Yes, I’m a true romantic and I give my heart after 3 minutes… I’m not proud about it 😀

        I’m keeping the faith (or trying to) 🙂

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  5. I always wanted ONE girlfriend to last forever. Then I found out that heartbreak is punctuation for forever and life likes short sentences. Still, I want a forever girl at least to the point when I wake up every morning I don’t know who anyone is. Then all my affairs will be one day long. New girl, same hairdo each day. 🙂

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  6. So glad the sunshine found you. I’ve always been a serial monogamist. I do not judge those who’ve had casual sex, and have often envied them. I’m just a hopeless romantic.

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    • It did find me, at least for a day! 🙂
      And I understand about the hopeless romantic but I have to admit that once the love is gone, the monogamist part kind of dies in me… Not so proud about it. And it’s not that I go after casual sex. I just start again my journey looking for love. 🙂

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