Thursday. Still cold and about to rain. I don’t have much time today, I’m supposed to bake a cake to take to school. Tomorrow there is some kind of sport day and I still don’t know if I have to attend or what the hell I should do. I have a letter explaining everything but no will to read it and try to understand what it says… Let alone translate it.
I hope I remember to ask the teacher later.

Yesterday I wrote that I mostly fall for the tiniest things. Of course that for me those things are huge.
When I tell to other people the stories why I fell for someone, I realize (every time) that those things were not very special after all because I mostly don’t see the WOW face I expected to see.

Let’s go back to June 1989.
A Saturday evening a friend called me and asked me if I wanted to go to her house because she and her sister had invited a bunch of people to watch a movie. OK.
I arranged with another friend to go together because I didn’t like the idea of going alone.
Once at her house we all sat somewhere. I think we were about 15/20 people and mostly all of them went to my school except for this guy, Damián, who used to go to my school but had changed schools about three years earlier.
He was one year younger than me and one year older than my sister. I remember half of the girls liked him (including my sister) and I never could understand why. I kind of disliked him. I thought he was too pretty and probably dumb.
So you have to imagine my face when I sat on the couch to watch the movie and he sat near me.
I remember I had on a black long sleeves, turtle neck t-shirt that had the front part full of buttons… Something like the one on the picture but with three times as much buttons.


That day I had decided to put it on with the buttons on the back because they tended to get unbuttoned somewhere in the middle top part and show more of me that what I wanted. Anyway, I had also on a white undershirt but I didn’t want to share that with anyone.

The movie started and Damián thought it was nice to start unbuttoning my t-shirt from the bottom.
I have to confess that when I’m nervous, I laugh, and probably that gave him the wrong signals because he didn’t stop unbuttoning until he was about 3/4 done.
Then I think I managed to produce an angry face and told him to button them back because I didn’t like what he was doing and it was hard for me to do it.
He did. But he did it slowly and in a very sensuous way and he had his face way too near my neck and I think I bit my lip so hard that some drops of blood came out.
I don’t remember much what happened next and we had that discussion several times, but it seems that I turned around and kissed him (according him), but I say that he was the one who kissed me.

Anyway, I didn’t think I was going to see him again, but when on Monday I was going out of school and I saw him on the street standing, I almost fainted. I wasn’t sure why he was there since he still had many friends at the school, so I played it cool and said only “Hi”.
Many girls jumped around him so I turned around and started walking… One minute later he stopped me and said: “Can I walk with you?”.

It wasn’t the “Can I walk with you?” what made me fall for him. It was just to see him standing outside the school because I secretly knew he was there for me.

He was my boyfriend for over three years.

~ by DotedOn on May 28, 2015.

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  2. Wonderful memories, Paola. 🙂

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  3. Ha! They always want the ones that show the least interest.

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  4. Sometimes life isn’t explainable!

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  5. It’s not uncommon for a woman to fall for an assertive type…even if he has no substance.

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