Saturday. For a couple of days I’m thinking about how hard it’s to let go. How many wrong choices we make just because we are afraid to let go.
I wonder, what’s the worst that could happen? You let go of something and there is a chance that you lose it forever. But then, there is also a chance that the thing comes back to you.
In the case that the thing you let go is a person, and that person decides to come back to your life, what should you do? Welcome them with open arms? Or shut the door and say: You had your chance and you lost it.

I don’t think I ever had the guts to shut someone’s door. At least, not on purpose. Like when the other day I accidentally declined a friend request to someone who broke my heart several times. I had the request pending for over two weeks and then one day someone I didn’t know requested to be my friend so I clicked on the cross to cancel it, but the computer was stuck, so I kept clicking until it worked again and then I saw how both requests disappeared in front of my eyes. Wow, I didn’t know I could feel that well. I had finally let go (even if it was by accident), of someone who I truly didn’t need in my life.
And that reminded me how hard it was to get over my broken heart. Those times, and all the other times, because you know, I got my heart broken many times.

But there seems to be something that almost always works… As my grandmother says: “Un clavo saca a otro clavo”, literally “One nail drives out another”. And the meaning? I was searching for the meaning for quite a bit and I decided that the most accurate in this case, was this one: “the best way to get over a man is to get under one”.
Shallow? Maybe. But from my own experience, only a new guy could make me forget the old guy. It’s like I open my heart again and decide to give someone else (and myself) another chance.
There is a possibility that I never forget some of the old guys but at least I can always say I tried.

I also found from where that saying comes. It’s a poem by Juan Crisóstomo Ruiz de Nervo better known as Amado Nervo (Mexican poet, August 27, 1870 – May 24, 1919) . He wrote:

“Una pena quita otra pena
un dolor otro dolor
un clavo saca otro clavo
y un amor quita otro amor”

It means something like this:

“A new worry will make your old worry go away
a new pain will take your old pain away
a nail drives out another nail
and a new love will remove an old one”

It sounds much better in Spanish. And it gives me hope.

~ by DotedOn on May 30, 2015.

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  2. The poem in Spanish is unbelievably scarce in words yet so deep and true.
    I think you can understand these words in Portuguese specially because you are trying to forget which is very hard – I find them wonderful and a good advice, they were written by Miguel Esteves Cardoso, a Portuguese writer:

    “As pessoas têm de morrer; os amores de acabar. As pessoas têm de partir, os sítios têm de ficar longe uns dos outros, os tempos têm de mudar Sim, mas como se faz? Como se esquece? Devagar. É preciso esquecer devagar. Se uma pessoa tenta esquecer-se de repente, a outra pode ficar-lhe para sempre.”

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  3. Yes, a lot of people think it’s a bad idea to sort of boomerang…that is to just date someone because you want to get over someone else. It’s always made me feel a bit better but I’ve never forged a lasting relationship that way. I never led anyone on either though, kind of more let them know it was just for fun. It’s a beautiful little verse either way.

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    • For sure it’s not the best idea to do it right away but I think it’s the only way you could forget someone… and that is with someone else taking their place (in your heart and mind) 🙂

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  4. Twin
    One step at a time is all we can do, we can’t go forward until we accept, learn, turn the corner. remember what we learned, then start moving forward. You need to give yourself a break and work on you. You have issues that can also leave you single. Working on yourself is never a waste of time.

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  5. Great poem. Having your heart broken really hurts. I’m sorry it happened to you. Keep trying to find a new love. dont give up! XX

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