Sunday. My smile kind of faded overnight. I’m exhausted. Today it could be the perfect day to catch up reading but I really need to do some deep cleaning that it can only be done when I’m alone. Next week my cousins from Spain will be here so I don’t want to stress too much the day before (but I know it’ll happen anyway).
I started the cleaning yesterday. I cleaned all the windows downstairs. I could swear it looks sunnier today.
Later I decided to clean a bit outside. There is this area between the house and the garden with a table and chairs that was full of fallen leaves and flowers.
While I was sweeping the floor, I noticed something that kind of worried me.


That’s the tank where the rain from the roof gets collected. It can be used for the pond or to water the plants. I saw the construction holding the tank a bit stressed.


So I punched the tank to be how full it was. FULL. I don’t think another drop could go in.


Then I remembered the owner of the house saying something like: “Don’t let the tank get too full”. “OK”.
So I let the water go to the pond and continued sweeping until I saw these two stones in the middle of the path that leads to the garden.


The truth is that I always hated those stones there because they were in the middle of the way. So I felt the urge to move them somewhere else… But where?
I placed the smaller one on the edge of the pond, quite close to where it used to be but now it’s not in the way anymore.
And then I saw “just the perfect place” for the big stone. The only problem was that it was a bit far away.


I wanted that stone in that free space, left to the white lamp. More or less in line where the lighter bush is.
Hell it was heavy. What now? “Should I wait until next week when my cousins are here and move the stone with them? Or should I break my back right now?”. You got it!!
I thought for a bit the best way to move or roll the stone.
I decided that I could just lift on side and let it fall on a brick so then I would have enough space to put my hands underneath and lift again and let it fall on another brick and so on until I got to the place I wanted.


The stone used to be where the shovel is standing. I think that’s exactly the middle of the way. The difficult part now, turning around the pond and trying to lift it through that little step.


I can assure you that the stone got 10 times heavier each time I tried to lift it.
Almost there!


I had to calculate perfectly the distance to make the last roll so the stone fell just in the perfect place. I didn’t want to kill too many plants.


I did it!

That’s how it looks now.


I’m so happy I could do it without help. My back and forearms hurt but I don’t give a crap because every time I see that stone, I’ll remind myself that I can do whatever I want if I put some (or a lot of) energy into it.

That’s how it looks the pond filled with water.


This is how it looked before.

IMG_1674 (1)

The last thing I did was to add some bricks under the tank.


I finally felt I had achieved something. The last time I felt that way was in October last year.


~ by DotedOn on June 7, 2015.

15 Responses to “284”

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  2. All this cleaning and kind of feng shui stuff can be very therapeutic. ‘A rolling stone gathers no moss.’ I hope you are familiar with that American expression. This blog definitely conjured that for me.

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    • I never heard of that before! Thank you Marissa, I’ll look for the meaning 🙂


      • I just looked it up myself and found this:
        Someone who does not settle in one place rarely prospers.
        Which is funny because I always took it to mean that someone who does not settle doesn’t accumulate any baggage.

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      • I also looked it up and I found this:
        People who are always moving, with no roots in one place, avoid responsibilities and cares. As such, the proverb is often interpreted as referring to figurative nomads who avoid taking on responsibilities or cultivating or advancing their own knowledge, experience, or culture. Another interpretation equates “moss” to “stagnation”; as such the proverb can also refer to those who keep moving as never lacking for fresh ideas or creativity.

        So I guess it has several meanings 🙂
        (Anyway, you nailed it, I still never laid roots anywhere)


      • Oh well, I guess that’s good. Bob Dylan and Mick and Keith never minded being rolling stones, so why should you?

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      • I don’t mind at all… no roots for me is fine and the no moss around is always a plus 😀


      • Yep, less to clean, ha, ha!

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      • Hahahaha TRUE!! 😀


  3. You’re quite the handyperson, Paola.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 Sometimes I feel good about it but sometimes I hate it… Everything indicates that I don’t need a man because I can do everything myself… but it’s not true!!! 😀


  4. Way to go P! Of course, don’t break any important body parts you may need later. Sometimes a string of small accomplishments result in a big change in how we feel about ourselves and our situation. Go forth and conquer P! 🙂

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  5. It feels so good to achieve something. When you set your mind to it you can do anything! XX


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