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Mug shot Tuesday. I have really little time today. It’s cold, really cold and it was much colder two hours ago 5ºC/41ºF. And it’s almost summer. I hated telling my cousin to get some winter clothes, I know she’ll freeze here.
I made an appointment with the doctor for this afternoon. There is something worrying me. I want to go there and hear: “There is nothing wrong, just keep an eye on it”. The truth is that I’m terrified.

Just in case you had any doubt. I’m 100% woman. Even if I don’t wear make up and swear like a sailor. It’s just me, and some mascara or nicer words won’t change who I am. They’ll only change the way you see me.

Long ago I planned to write a guide on how to treat women but there is always something that seems to have the priority. And it shouldn’t be that way because treating women properly needs to have top priority.
I’m writing this now because last week I read an article mentioning that some women have accidents during their period and that there are men who make fun of those accidents. Could you imagine something like that? I never had anyone telling me anything but I had plenty of accidents and I remember getting home and crying thinking how terrible if people saw that.
The article said that some people lack “compassion”. How sad is that?

Here are a couple of graphics that you dear male readers can follow in case you are puzzled when you see your dear lady acting in a way that makes you wonder.

It’s called TACT. (noun. A keen sense of what to say or do to avoid giving offense; skill in dealing with difficult or delicate situations).

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I’m sure she’s not doing fine. Unless that’s the day when her kids are with the dad and she doesn’t have any room left in the dishwasher for an extra bowl (which happens to me every now and then), any other day you see her eating from the carton, just keep quiet. And if you are tempted to speak, pay close attention at the way she’s holding the spoon.

th (6)

My friend Pia sent me this Hormone Guide last year. I think we all should print it and stick it on the fridge.
I can always blame the hormones for anything. But the truth is that there many more things that make me act in a different way. For example: if I’m worried about something, if I have my heart broken or if I’m anxious.


Right now, it would be very nice to have someone telling me: “Here, have some wine”.
I sure need it today.


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  2. I was reading and thinking: I must send her The Hormone Guide…and voilá! You posted it!. It´s SO accurate, that I encourage all your male readers to keep a copy of it inside their wallets, with their ID´s and other important stuff.
    Remember: few more days and we´ll be telling each other: Here, have some wine!!

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  3. Thank you for the safety chart. I will put it to good use. 😀

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  4. P
    Hilarious! I started my period at 9 and knew nothing about it. Of course that day I wore white jeans. I went to bathroom thought I was dying, so scared and crying just stayed in bathroom. My teacher came in asking did I hurt myself. Imagine her surprise trying to explain to a 9 year old what’s happening. She takes me to nurse, she handed my a pad the size of a horse saddle. My mother skipped the exciting talks.
    I had my Hysto at 28 yrs old, I handed out kotex to all my friends. Cancer did me a favor.
    I’m wearing a Crown and laying on couch. I like not cooking and the nasty jobs. I’m a Queen.
    Have fun with your cousin. I’m sure you two can get into trouble.

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    • Wow Twin,
      that was early. I was over 12 and I’m still trying to get over it 😀
      I should be wearing rubber gloves but I’m already in bed. It’s past 7.00pm. I’m not feeling well 🙂


  5. I think I’m going a lot with the ‘safest’ column in that chart you have. It’s a good one! Here’s hoping that al checks out okay with the doctor’s.

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  6. hope you figure out your health issues soon and that it is nothing too bad ❤

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