My cousins are here. I’m really glad about it. The only bad thing is the weather, it seems that it’ll rain every day for the next week and it’ll stay cold.
They rented a car so we can go anywhere!! In fact, we already did. After one hour of them being here, Jordi took me to Ikea to finally buy the curtain rail I need since September and a full body mirror. Yay!! No more climbing on the bathtub to see how I look.
It’s so nice to have family here, specially now. I feel more relaxed.

I prepared a welcome with pretzels and beer so I was tipsy at 2pm.
Later we went to see the town (one street away, one street long), to both supermarkets and to the mill. We even had dinner at the restaurant there.
Blood test this morning. I’m sure I’ll get a big bruise, the nurse sucked. I’m surprised I didn’t faint.
Then I went to get bread for breakfast and I was lucky it was just out from the oven. Not many things make me happier than warm bread (with cheese and olive oil).
I promised to prepare lasagna for dinner.
Maybe later we go to the castle, I’ll see if I can take some pictures.


~ by DotedOn on June 18, 2015.

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  2. I am happy your cousins arrived. Family is tops in my book.Your first day together sounds like the first of many good days ahead. Enjoy!

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  3. So nice to have company!

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