Sunday. Happy Father’s Day. Today the summer starts officially. It’s cold and raining. We had warmer days in December. I’m so disappointed. I feel like I’m matching the weather. I also look sad and cloudy. I still couldn’t catch up on anything.
This morning I’m coughing and my voice is half gone. Not the perfect day to go to the Thermal Baths. Or maybe just the perfect day to see if it’s true that they cure anything.
We went again to town yesterday. My cousins wanted to get some souvenirs. We didn’t find any. I was sure there was a nice store there, I saw it some months ago but yesterday we couldn’t find it.

These are some pictures from the Castle’s Garden that I took last week.



This view is from the tower. I really like it.


I’ll get ready now and go to prepare breakfast but what I actually want is to turn around and stay in bed until next Saturday.


~ by DotedOn on June 21, 2015.

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  2. I won’t talk weather with you for obvious reasons ( windows had to be wide open all night to cool the house), don’t let that stupid weather affect you, rant, rant and rant, I do it when it’s needed (it never works but I do it anyway) if rain persists – become a rain lover, here’s a nice place to enjoy it when it’s gone! πŸ˜€ http://www.rainymood.com – Wish you warmer summer days and happy sunday, paola!

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  3. Staying in bed for a week sounds good…but then I’m sure you would miss out on all the fun you would have with your cousins!

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  4. Twin
    With family there, get everyone in kitchen and cook up enough for several days and you won’t have to cook. You’ll also enjoy the cooking, add a little wine.

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  5. beautiful

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