Wednesday. One more week and the school will be over. I’m worse than my kids, they are not really counting the days.
Tomorrow my friend Pia will visit me. That means that I should be cleaning the house a bit. I’m glad it doesn’t look really bad. I should also mow the lawn, with so much rain the stupid grass stays short and neat only for a couple of days. And I have to make room in my tiny fridge to put some beverages in it (read wine and beer). I really need to get another fridge because every time I get back from the supermarket, I spend too much time trying to fit everything in it. You can imagine that when you open the door you have to be ready to catch anything that could fall from it. So I developed a system where I put the jars behind and the plastic containers in front.

It looks like this:

th (69)

I’m the only one able to find the things inside and every time I see one of my kids opening the fridge, I tremble.
I don’t like to go to the supermarket more often, so the best solution is to get another fridge… and then I can fit all the groceries, that lately look pretty much like this:


Yes, I still go grocery shopping with my bike. I have experience playing 3D Tetris also when I try to fit everything on the bike. I spend more time putting away, fitting and arranging than shopping (or cooking!!).



Yesterday I mentioned I felt like eating lentil stew, so I got home and decided to prepare it. I burned the onions because I left the pan on the stove and went to check something on the computer (and stayed way too long away) so I had to scratch the bottom. And no, I didn’t prepare new onions, I just hoped the taste wasn’t too bad. It wasn’t.
Then I wasn’t sure if my kids were going to complain about the winter food or not. The only thing I heard was: “Oh yeah! I also felt like eating something like soup”.


So it’s not only me having the season issues, also my kids are affected by it. Maybe I bring up the Christmas tree after all and we can celebrate in advance too. I’d happily do that if they promise me they will not ask for another celebration in December (yes, I’m already stressing about that too!).


~ by DotedOn on July 15, 2015.

16 Responses to “323”

  1. Reblogged this on SURVIVORS BLOG HERE.


  2. I admire your survival skills. The way you juggle the groceries on the bike, utilizing your small fridge, and making a delicious meal in minutes for you and your children.
    My mom comes to mind, she raised 12 children along with my dad. She was an excellent cook, and tough cookie.
    Thank God for women like her and you.

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    • Thank you T! You are right, those are survival skills πŸ˜€
      Wow, your mom was a super hero! Twelve kids then it’s not the same as 12 kids now (with technology and disposable diapers!!).


  3. It’s never a bad season for stew!

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  4. I like fall and winter for stew, and then it has to be beef stew. Now you have me hungry and its early morning…..

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  5. Ha! Yeah, my fridge isn’t too bad although we could really use a bigger one. My freezer is a potential avalanche situation!! I feel your pain!

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  6. That’s an amazing arranging skill!!! I seriously don’t know how you do that dear. You really should teach me one day πŸ˜›

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