Thursday. It’s past 10.30am and I’m way too relaxed having breakfast, playing Words with Friends and trying to remember what I was going to write. I forgot now, it was pretty clear a couple of hours ago when I woke up.

Remember me mentioning asking the man to bring the tent so I could camp in the backyard with my kids? He brought the tent… and about half of the junk that he had in his garage. Was I pissed? Yes, beyond limits… Did I show that to him? No, I freaking swallow my fury. Maybe that’s why my stomach hurts today… Because of that and a lot of stress.
These are only a few of the things he brought. You have to add 2 chairs and a swimming pool (that has a hole somewhere, of course).


Soon I have to go and see my son play the flute at school. Is the end of the year concert. The last time it wasn’t good. The kids don’t wait to make the sounds to form a melody, they just blow and blow and blow and you hear something like: …. shoot, how does a flute sound? (Awful when not played properly).
I remember my daughter telling me:
“Flench is not good, he didn’t know the song”
“Shhhhhhh… don’t you dare to tell him, just say to him: very nice!”
“Because that’s what he needs to hear”.

What kind of a lesson is that? Telling one child to lie so the other one doesn’t get hurt… And let me tell you, it always backfires because a couple of hours later the kid will go and say:

“Mom told me to tell you that you were good but you really suck”.
“Mooooommmm, is that true?”
“What dear?”
“Did you tell her to tell me that I was good when you thought I wasn’t?”
“Oh wow, look!! There is a squirrel on that tree!!”

I could lie to you and tell you that I can handle those situations very well but that’s mostly never the case. When I have two kids screaming at me and I feel like I have to take sides, I just break. Sometimes I can pilot the situation but more often than not, I’m the bad mum who apparently loves one kid more than the other.
Kids can be so manipulative sometimes!! (At least mine are and I love them so much!).

These are my boys, it’s hard to tell which one gives me the strongest headache.


And that’s my girl, who seems to be even more stubborn that me… Can you imagine that? There was no way to make her change clothes or shoes to go to the playground (she’s wearing one of those Spanish flamenco dancer’s dress and shoes). She ended up having blisters and me buying plasters and socks.


And no, she didn’t learn the lesson. She’s like me, a couple of blisters won’t stop her.

~ by DotedOn on July 16, 2015.

22 Responses to “324”

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  2. your kids are adorable!!!! and i do the same with my kids, white lies that always ends up revealed lol

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  3. One day, when he is a master flute player, then you will look back on these days with gentle fondness. I have 3, and when they fight, I can’t stand it. It’s never easy to have to referee those things. But, they usually work out in short order..

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  4. All your kids look so cute, especially your girl wears that Spanish flamenco dancer’s dress ❀ They got all the cuteness from you sweetie πŸ˜‰

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  5. They are so cute!! Yeah, nothing worse than sitting through those school concerts. They are rarely very good and then everyone acts like they were the most wonderful thing in the world!

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  6. Words with friends.. that is a distraction for me as well, granted, most the people I play against stop playing with me after about the fourth game. And kids.. especially boys.. are the main reason Excedrin was invented. πŸ™‚

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    • Hahaha, I’m afraid of taking pills because I have some strange reactions to some components (and I wish I knew exactly which ones they are :D).
      I play only regulars on Words with Friends. I play my ‘oldest’ player for over 3 years (he beats me 75% of the times) and my ‘newest’ player since February.
      If you want, we can play. I don’t cheat, swap, resign or decline πŸ˜€ (Let me know and I mail you my user name πŸ™‚ ).

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  7. Haha! I remember going to the kids band performances when they were learning– ok really about the first four years of their learning– white knuckling it in the audience while holding that adoring smile!!! Lol you do bring back memories Paola πŸ˜‚

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