Saturday. Cloudy and a bit fresh. It should get warmer later but not sunnier.
Yesterday we had another great day. I really enjoyed sitting under a tree drinking beer and wine with my friend Pia. My kids had a good time too.
Today Pia will pick me up and we’ll go to Ikea and later to her house for a little party with friends. Maybe I even stay overnight (it all depends on her ability to drive me back afterwards).
I forgot to mention, my son played the flute much better than last time but he decided it’s not for him (and I agree totally).

I started writing this at 10am. The man came to pick my kids at 10.15. Now it’s 1.10pm and he just left. I was supposed to get ready to leave but he decided to change some fuses of his car on my driveway. After 1.5 hours I said: “Are you planning to stay longer than 15 minutes?” “Yes” “Ok, I’ll get ready”.
I had plenty of time, I could shower and wash my hair and even polish my toenails. And he was still there!! Crap… Then I thought he was leaving but instead he asked me some advice because he had a problem with his girlfriend… Guess who’s side I took?
I said to him: “You hurt when you say the things you say because the other is not expecting that you (partner, own child, girlfriend, family member, friend), could say something like that to them… Do you get that? Can you see it wasn’t me the sensitive? Can you see it’s not a women’s thing?? IT’S YOU!! You have no idea how to treat the people who care about you”.
He was shocked. I was relieved. I kept saying the same things over the years but he didn’t believe me until today because I was the crazy person who always overreacted.
Before leaving he said: “My girlfriend told me last week to thank you”
“Thank me? For what?”
“Because she said that you make me see things”

My way of making him see things right now is a new technique I developed. It’s called “You’ll f#$cking pay for all the things you did to me over the years”… So now, when I say something, I’m not only honest, I’m brutal and mean. Yes MEAN. I make him cry at least once a week.
I’m not proud of it but I got tired of him using me as a doormat. As we say in my country “Se diรณ vuelta la tortilla”. (In this case, is the Spanish tortilla, not the Mexican).

th (70)

Literally ‘The tortilla is turned upside down’ and it means something like: “Now the boot is on the other foot”…
It’s a completely different story now.

I better get ready, have a nice day!


~ by DotedOn on July 18, 2015.

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  2. Wow, he doesn’t seem the type to cry but maybe now he is getting in touch with his feelings!! Just a very slow development process!!

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  3. Wow your energy is so powerful now!! I really like it!! Enjoy the party โค๏ธ

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  4. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  5. have a great party!

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