Monday. It’s raining since yesterday evening. I have a sweater on and all the windows closed. It’s really cold. I hope the weather changes and gets better soon. I can’t have my kids inside the house all the holidays. I’ll get crazier. Besides, I got a little grill so we could go camping in the backyard. I could build the tent in the living room but there is no way I allow the grill inside the house.
Yesterday the man sent me a message asking me at what time I was expecting my kids. I said:
“Ok, I’ll bring them after 11am”
“Ok, but it’s noon now”
“Yes, tomorrow before 11am”
“But you were supposed to bring them today”
“Crap, I’m sorry…”
So I had an extra day to work on my spices plate project. But guess what? The stupid acrylic paint didn’t hold so I had to remove it and use the normal paint. And that takes days to dry so I got really frustrated.
I can’t have an idle day when I’m frustrated. I need to show myself that I can accomplish something.
So I started putting away some things and saw this wine rack that I had in my other house and that I could never find a place for it here. I tried using it for the empty bottles but the wine bottles go to recycling and the beer bottles are smaller than the space between the racks.
So that thing was making me very unhappy…


And that’s when I got an idea… “I’m going to make a pouff (footstool)… I need one”.
Remember me telling you that I tend to hoard A LOT of things because I may need them one day? I’m so glad I needed them yesterday.

Here’s what I used:
I had it in the garage because I wasn’t sure in which garbage container it needed to go. I really don’t need a fine because I messed up with the garbage so I kept it there until I knew what to do with it.


Great!! I had the structure. I sat on it to check if it held and it did perfectly.

I needed some foam and I knew I had a lot of chair cushions from my other house.


I didn’t have enough because I remembered a few months ago we made together with my mom a backrest for my son’s bed.
Never mind, that should work.

Then I went to the basement to see if I had blue fabric to match the couch. I knew I had at least 6 cushions made with the same fabric.
The cushions were originally ecru but I didn’t like the color.
So I found 12 cushion covers 6 blue and 6 ecru.
I used the ecru and some lining fabric of an old baby sleeping bag to cover the stool and make it neat.


All that took me less than 2 hours. What it took most of the time was washing and drying the blue fabric. Then I had to unstitch the cushion covers. Then I had to measure the sides of the stool and cut the fabric perfectly, otherwise it’s impossible to make a cube.
After some thinking I realized that I needed a cover that could be removed for washing. So I went back to the basement to look for a zipper… And of course I found one!!
So I added the zipper and sewed together the side panels.

That’s how it looks



I’m happy now.

In less than one hour my kids are going to be here… And in about two hours when I need a rest, I know that I’ll have a place to put my feet up.


~ by DotedOn on July 27, 2015.

27 Responses to “335”

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  2. that’s an awesome pouf!! i wish i was that handy πŸ˜› have a great day with you kids ❀

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  3. Very impressive! You could probably make a business of all the handy work you do.

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  4. Twin
    Great use of time!!!!! And now your feet have relaxation to.

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  5. OMG, that’s amazing! ❀ You are so talented dear!!! πŸ™‚ I would never be able to make a pouf myself. Where did you learn to make it or you learn by yourself?

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