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Thursday. I’m sorry if I sound repetitive but I’m cold and hating this summer very much. It wasn’t supposed to rain today but for some freaking reason, it’s raining really hard.
I called my mom yesterday and she told me that it was 27ºC/80ºF in Buenos Aires, and it’s winter there, while it was 9ºC/48ºF here and it’s summer.
I refuse to look for a blanket but I have to admit that I’m wearing my winter PJ’s. And last night my feet were frozen and I was this close to get a pair of socks. Plus this is the time of the month where the only thing I want to hear is: “Yes, Dear”. And that’s not happening.

When my mom visited in February, she told me that my fridge was too small for 6 people and that I needed a bigger one. We had that discussion about 10 times. Why hadn’t I bought a bigger fridge? I explained that when I ordered the fridge I specially chose the one fitting in the space left for the fridge in the kitchen cabinets.
When the fridge was delivered and while the guy who brought was unpacking it, he told me to wait some time before plugging it. “Ok, no problem”.
So I waited until the next day also because I needed help lifting it and putting it in its place. It was then when I got the ugly surprise that the fridge was about 4 inches smaller of what it said on the product details. I didn’t know what to do… I was considering sending it back and ordering another one but I was afraid that the same was going to happen with another fridge. So I kept it.
Anyway, I don’t think that 4 inches would have made a huge difference. I didn’t really miss space until my cousins visited last month.
When it’s summer (yeah, right), you tend to have more things in the fridge, like fruit and vegetables because if you leave them outside, they’ll rotten pretty fast.
And I also had the drinks issue. I put all the opened bottles of wine in the fridge, even the red ones. I’m slow drinking them and I don’t want my babies to get spoiled.
Those are my babies, aren’t they cute?



They don’t fit so easily in my fridge. I have to put them lying but they tend to roll and I’m always afraid to see one falling.
So the only solution was to get another fridge so my babies could stand there and be safe.
My dear mother understood how bad could be for me to lose a baby so she decided to get another fridge for me and it will be delivered today. I’m really happy about it because I’m sure I’ll have to go less times to the supermarket.

Now I should catch up with some chores because writing this post took me a couple of hours due to the stupid Internet connection not working and me not doing anything because instead of forgetting about it and for example loading the washing machine or vacuuming or doing whatever needed to be done, I decided to stay in front of computer and wait (and curse) until the connection got back…
And it did, but I lost the entire morning.


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  2. it rained here today as well, I’m not surprised you treat your babies carefully, they look very healthy, the internet is also quite slow – someday it will implode forever – what shall we do then? I love buying new appliances – I totally understand your foretaste! 😀

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    • Hi José!! You got one day of rain? I got one day without it! 😀
      It’s very important to keep the babies healthy (I’m laughing do hard!!).
      And life without the internet… I can’t go there, it’s too dark! 🙂

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  3. we have a cold nasty summer too! today Lily is outside bathing in our garden despite the rain lol she had enough of indoor activities i guess 😛 my little man is back at daycare and he is loving it!! now its only two weeks until the girls starts school and i can enjoy 6 hours all by myself doing nothing! i wish i could enjoy alcohol, but it just makes me sad… have a good day despite the ugly weather ❤

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    • Hi Maria! It’s a horrible summer! It’s wet and cold and sad and depressing. I hope August is better, I can’t deal with a longer than usual winter!
      I’m glad you are having fun with your kids 🙂

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  4. 🙂

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  5. Life without the internet? I don’t know what I would do. Reading just sounds boring and all that other stuff you listed that you had to do is just… horrid. Horrid I tell ya.

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    • You are right! All those things are horrid and I wish I had someone to do them for me… Until then, I’m my own man (which is HORRID too!!) (But not as bad as life without the internet!!) 😀

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  6. Wow, what a miserable summer so far. I hope that you get some good weather soon.

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  7. Yes, I spend a lot of time in front of computers waiting for them to load. I don’t know what it is…like they will stop trying to do what they’re doing if you walk away! I also have a too small refrigerator and not only that, but when we moved, we were given this refrigerator by a friend of my husbands and he didn’t even want it anymore and it had been lying around for a few years so it was really dirty (we cleaned it) and some of the shelves are a bit rickety. Talk about needing a new fridge!!

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    • In my case, a new fridge helps me save money and not gain weight. Every time I go to the supermarket I get a pile of junk that I really don’t need in any way.
      If you have the chance, get a better fridge, it’s really life changing 😀


  8. Congrats! You got a new fridge 😉 All your babies will be safe for sure 😀 😉

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