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Sunday. It’s sunny and I’m really grateful about that. It’s not really warm but I don’t care. I couldn’t finish painting, I will finish today and after that, maybe I’ll mow the lawn. It’d be great if I have that done too. When I feel sad I can’t accomplish anything. When things don’t get done, I get frustrated. Too much frustration leads to sadness. It’s a freaking circle of hell once you are in it… So whenever it’s possible, I have to avoid being sad. But how? It’s not that I can control everything around, I wish I could.
So far, I don’t watch the news, they make me sad. I don’t watch movies that could make me sad. And everything that doesn’t make me happy, it has to go. The only doses of sadness I get, come from caring about people. Their pain is my pain. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. I wish nobody was sick or in pain, or suffering, like many people I know. There should be a way to change that. Something like: you get to suffer for 10 points in your life, and no more. And that every sad thing has a value. Once you suffered your 10 points, nothing else could make you sad or have pain. Life is so unfair to some of us. That’s another thing that makes me sad. It’s like some people got all the pain and bad luck there is. They see so much suffering in daily life that makes the rest of us feel like our problems are less important. At least, that’s what happens to me. I keep saying to myself: “Paola, PERSPECTIVE”. But hey, pain is pain and it hurts the same to all of us. What I’m against is the many times some of us have to experience pain.
Suffering should be like playing Bingo with only one card. When you are done, you are done. You shout BINGO and that’s it. No more pain for you.
Right now, it’s not even. Some of us got way too many cards.

I feel like I shouted BINGO long ago. My biggest fear is to discover that I have another card somewhere.

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~ by DotedOn on August 2, 2015.

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  2. ❀

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  3. Sometimes I feel like people can be so close to our pain that they don’t see easy solutions, but here’s one that, I think, is just glaring at you. So, you get sad, you don’t do things, and then you get frustrated and sad that they are not done. Well, here’s your solution….DO THINGS!! Not only will it end your cycle but it will keep your mind off the pain. Hope you don’t mind me being so blunt with this one, call it tough love.

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  4. Paola! When did you change your blog? Have I been away from reading blogs that long? I love it. I can SEE it, lol. You know me, blind as a bat. White is great for reading. I know what you mean about feeling sad for people and wondering why some people get more than their fare share. life’s a crap-shoot I say. We can never take a day for granted or think it won’t be our turn next for the crap. I always hope for nothing but good things for you, Paola ❀

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    • Hi Mandy!! I never changed my blog :D. Maybe it wasn’t working properly and it didn’t load completely. It’s still black, I can’t change the color, the theme doesn’t allow it!!
      And Thank You <3. I wish the same for you, I consider we had our share. Enough is enough!
      ❀ ❀ ❀

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