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Thursday. The forecast says it’ll be 33ºC/91ºC today. That would be nice. I love wearing shorts. My kids will be here later today and stay with me for eleven days. You have no idea how much I’m enjoying the silence right now.

Yesterday I mentioned the “occhio secco”. Later, I got to think about the “malocchio”, the evil eye. And I wondered if both were the same thing. I searched online but under “dry eye” I always got the medical problem. And when I searched “malocchio vs occhio secco”, some of the sites kind of suggested they were the same thing. And I totally disagree with it. If you are of Spanish/Latino descent, you’ll know the difference between “mala onda/occhio secco” —> bad vibes and “mal de ojo/malocchio” —> evil eye.
The more I searched, the more surprised I got. I didn’t know how many cultures believe in it and how many talismans against it there are.

According wikipedia.org

The “evil eye” is also known in Arabic as ʿayn al-ḥasūd (عين الحسود‎ eye of the envious), in Hebrew as ʿáyin hā-ráʿ (עַיִן הָרַע‎), in Aramaic as “ayna bisha” (ܒܝܼܫܵܐ ܥܲܝܢܵܐ‎), in Kurdish çaw e zar (eye of evil/sickness), in Persian as chashm zakhm (چشم زخم eye-caused injury) or chashm e bad (bad eye), in Turkish as Nazar (nazar is from Arabic نَظَر Nadhar, which means eye vision or eyesight), similarly in Urdu the word Nazar (نَظَر) or Boori Nazar (bad look) is used. In Punjabi the words “pehri nazar” are used. In Hindi the concept of evil eye is referred to as “Drishti” or “Malocchio”. In Amharic buda, in Pashto cheshim mora, and also “Nazar”, in Greek as το μάτι (to máti), in Albanian as syni keq (or “syri i keq”), in Romanian as “deochi”, in Spanish as mal de ojo,[5] in Italian as il malocchio, in Neapolitan/nNapulatane as ‘o mma’uocchje , in Portuguese mau-olhado (“act of giving an evil/sick look”), in Swedish as “ge onda ögat” (to give an evil look), and in Hawaiian it is known as “stink eye” or maka pilau meaning “rotten eyes”.

I admit being a bit superstitious, not much. I don’t care about black cats, walking under a stairway, I love the number 13, and I have a broken mirror (that one actually is killing me… because that’s the 4th broken mirror in the past 4 years so if you accumulate the years of bad luck… I better don’t call it). But I never run out of salt, and if I spill it, I take a bit of it and throw it with my right hand, behind my left shoulder.

I can also be very easily influenced, that’s why I rarely read horoscopes or let someone read the tarot cards to me. I did it once. The man who did it told me things I was the only one I knew. And he told me other things that were going to happen… And crap, they happened. And I always wondered if I made those things happened, or if he actually could see the future. Both things are scary to me. So when I say I want to spy on my future, I only want to see how happy I am. I need to know if whatever I did was worth the pain and the tears. Only that (and see if My Prince is there, besides me).

By the way, malocchio/mal de ojo/evil eye, can be cured. But occhio secco, I doubt it. Someone who is always negative and sending bad vibes, I don’t think there is much hope there.

Talking about being easily influenced… I have this wine. It’s called “Le Filou” (Or Le Sweet Filou, if you like).


It’s delicious. But lately, every time I drink it, I feel sad. It’s like I end up having a bad taste in my mouth and an ugly feeling in my gut. How’s that possible?
I have an idea. Le filou means the trickster.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 10.47.11 AM

So this cheater, or sweet cheater, is really messing up with my head. I will finish that bottle and never buy it again. I don’t need to be tricked again, ever.
From now on, I won’t buy any brand with a negative name or meaning.

Would you like to know more about occhio secco? click here .
And more about mal de ojo? click here.


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  2. We’re probably better off not knowing our futures. We don’t have the power to change them, after all. As for the wine, I used to get the same way after smoking those funny cigarettes and I didn’t know why because when I was younger I loved it, but as I got older, I guess evil thoughts just started to invade. Now I keep it to a bare minimum.

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  3. Twin
    Thinking about you. Draw a line in sand with a date attached. Then stand by. Tell him you have a support team based all over the world. We will find him.

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  4. Thank you very much for the links (I got to know more about malocchio/mal de ojo/evil eye now)! 😉

    I wouldn’t buy the same wine again as well if I were you dear. Always get something that makes us feel good right 😉 Your Prince is on the way and you need to do is to start planning what you are going to wear when you see him 😉 Good luck sweetie! ❤

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