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Mug shot Tuesday. That’s my next mug. As soon as I see a porcelain mug with a sun, I’ll get it. I’m not a fan of ceramic mugs. They crack easily and they are not so delicate for my lips (I’m laughing now).
I really don’t know how I’ll tell my kids that it’ll rain for the next five days. I’m not camping if there is a 3% chance of rain.
I remember once when I was about 9, that we, (my sister and I), joined my cousin on her school trip and went camping to someone’s weekend house. My cousin went to a Catholic school and in her class there were about 35 girls and no boys.
I had to share the tent with my sister, my cousin and 2 more girls. In the middle of the first night, it started to rain and all the adults started calling us to go inside the house. It was chaotic. About 85% of the girls were crying and I couldn’t believe how someone could cry because they got a bit wet in the middle of the night (and now I’m smiling really wide).
Imagine a not so big house FULL of girls laying everywhere, one next to another like sausages in a package, in their pajamas at 3am crying like babies.
I’ll never forget that day. I was shocked. I remember I was really grateful to attend a school with boys. I don’t remember ever seeing one of my school girlfriends crying. Maybe because if any of us girls cried, the boys would have made fun of us.

Is a crying woman so annoying too? Please, don’t answer. I’m not sure I can quit crying and I hate being annoying.

I can already see my future:

th (81)

th (82)


~ by DotedOn on August 11, 2015.

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  2. We camped in the back yard one night and my little brother stated sleep walking and scared us to death. We ran in the house. Never camped outside again!!!!!!

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  3. I suppose your version of camping out is somewhat of a compromise. I will never go camping, ever.

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  4. Yes, crying women are annoying. Just kidding, please don’t kill me.

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  5. LOL! I think a wet sausage pack of crying girls would be a great negotiation tool at the UN. If the evil dictator doesn’t agree to play nice then a wet sausage pack of crying girls will be parachuted into the palace at 3am. Sign here or else. Finally. World Peace.

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  6. Can you believe it I have never tried camping? My parents never allowed to go camping as a kid and there aren’t many spots worth camping in HK. It was interesting to know your camping experience, but it wasn’t fun to be stuck in a house full of girls laying everywhere 😦

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