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Mug shot Tuesday. Nothing is hotter than a romantic man. And I agree (partially). The romantic man is super hot only IF I like him. Otherwise he’s just sweet. What’s the difference? Well, a sweet man makes me smile and maybe he can make my eyes fill with tears but a hot man moves more fluids than only my tears.
Don’t misunderstand me here. I’m not talking about a physically hot man. I’m talking about the man who’s hot to ME. The one that I don’t give a crap if he’s short, tall, thin, fat, rich, poor, blond or bald. That man. The one I love. The one I see as the perfect one. The one who can make me smile only by looking at me.
That man is even hotter if he’s romantic. I’m not sure if that’s the same for all the women, but for me, a romantic gesture works like 2 glasses of wine and one tequila. (And only imagine how that is if I was already drinking). I’m not a hard core ice like person… at all. I don’t need much work done. In fact, I HATE foreplay. I don’t need it and I consider it a waste of time. I can stand foreplay for about 2 minutes and then I lose the focus and maybe start thinking that the curtains need to be washed or if I have enough cheese for the week.

I was asked last week if I knew which were the most romantic persons in this world. I didn’t know but I suspected about a few nationalities.

According to wonderslist.com , the top ten most romantic nationalities are:

10. Indian
09. Irish
08. Swedish
07. American
06. Lebanese
05. Argentine
04. Spanish
03. Brazilian
02. French
01. Italian

According to cnn.com, the top ten most romantic nationalities are:

10. Vietnamese
09. Irish
08. Swedish
07. American
06. Lebanese
05. Brazilian
04. French
03. Italian
02. Argentine
01. Spanish

And what about men? Where are the most romantic men in the world from? According to pinkpangea.com this is the top five:

05. Lebanon
04. Spain
03. France
02. Brazil
01. Argentina

As you know, I’m from Argentina. I had a few boyfriends while I was living there but let me tell you, I never scored a romantic one. That’s my luck.
I’m not surprise I made it to the top five on the other lists. I’m very romantic.

I thought that Italian were the most romantic men in the world. Of course I’m not talking about my own experiences.
For the ones who don’t know, the man (my ex) is Italian. He’s not romantic. I didn’t care at the time, I guess. He did call me “amore” (love in Italian), but besides that, not much.

Someone asked me once: “Why are you so surprised? Did your ex never told you you were beautiful?”
“Hmmm… yes, one time.”
And this is how it was. It was the year 2005/2006. He was waiting for me in the car with my two oldest sons. As soon as I went out and I saw him, I started smiling. He smiled back and the smile lasted until I got in the car. Then he frowned and asked:
“Are you pregnant???”
“No, I don’t think so… why do you ask?”
“Because you look beautiful. All radiant”.

I had forgotten about that for many years. It came back to me the last I was pregnant. The time that he treated me like if I was something that he extracted from his nose.
He never told me I was beautiful when I was pregnant before. He did it the last time. He did it when I started ignoring him and when I started wondering if that was the person who I wanted to be with me for the rest of my life.
Of course when he did it, it didn’t count. It didn’t matter anymore what he said. What he was doing was more than enough for me.

Is it never too late? No, sometimes it is. Too little and too late.

~ by DotedOn on August 25, 2015.

23 Responses to “364”

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  2. Wonderlist.com’s list was obviously the correct one. ๐Ÿ˜€

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    • Do you think so? If you check the links it even says why they chose those countries. I’m not sure if I agree on all of them. I know Indian are very romantic… But Swedish? I should meet some before they start drinking so I can tell ๐Ÿ˜€


  3. Oh gosh Paola! I am very unromantic. Don’t buy me roses, it’s a waste of money type of gal. My husband is more romantic than I am. Maybe I disappoint him sometimes. I do like foreplay but it gets annoying if it goes on too long.

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  4. Romantic and attentive – fine line. ๐Ÿ™‚ Loved your post, but the line that I enjoyed the most was probably the least romantic: “The time that he treated me like if I was something that he extracted from his nose.” That is gold right there. No pun intended.

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  5. I think lists like those are bullshit. What does romantic even mean? It means very different things to different people. Roses aren’t romantic to someone who’s allergic. And maybe roses aren’t romantic, period. Maybe they’re cliched and obvious. I prefer someone who is thoughtful and generous.

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  6. i think it’s how i feel when i’m with them….that seems to do it for me.

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  7. I agree, a man gets even hotter if he is romantic ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me pray for you! A romantic man who truly loves you for who you are will enter your life soon sweetie! โค

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  8. I agree. Sometimes… it is too late.

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  9. Mug shot. Nice. =) Yeah, Koreans aren’t the most romantic.

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