Monday. Ugh. My kids are here after two weeks with their father. I didn’t really miss them, maybe because I saw them for a while last week and on video several times. That’s a great thing about technology, you can see the people you love who are far away and feel like if they are in the same room with you.
But texting is something that makes me a bit uncomfortable. Specially if you could talk with that person on the phone or in person. I mean, chatting is fine when distance makes other ways of conversation difficult. Only then.

Some time ago I was talking with my neighbor. She’s also single. We were talking about how hard it’s to get a good man. She said it was almost impossible in this town. Or anywhere else. No kidding! She told me that she goes out often but all the men are all the time on their phones and no one even looks up. How sad. She invited me to join her and her friends. Maybe one day, I don’t know. I rather have some wine in my house on my nightgown than somewhere else with people I don’t know. I’m getting old I think.

I have to catch up. I must take care of some school things before Thursday. Thank goodness school doesn’t start on Wednesday. I always need that extra day. I wish I could spend it on the beach.

~ by DotedOn on August 31, 2015.

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  2. Texting is good to send a quick message, especially when you need to be discreet but when it gets into longer things that need to be explained, it gets hard. I never liked talking on the phone though, and will always try to send a text when at all possible. I try not to stay too glued to my phone though.

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  3. My kids and I text, not exclusively, but when it’s just quick things. They also tend to know that in a text, I am going to be full on snark mode, so I think they do it just to see what I’ll say… and, well, I don’t like to disappoint.

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