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Mug shot Tuesday. I’d rather be in bed but I’m not sure if I’d be sleeping. School starts in two days. I still don’t have anything ready. I remember my mom having everything ready the week after the school ended, like on Monday. I never could understand that. I leave everything for the last minute. I think that if I push it as much as I can there is a chance that I won’t have to do it. You know, the world could end, some elves could do it for me while I sleep, I could be abducted by aliens and things of the sort.
I think that the summer is over. Actually, it never started but I still had some hopes. Now all my hopes are gone. It’s kind of cold today and it’ll be getting colder. It’ll rain the rest of the week. How sad. It won’t get warmer than 21ΒΊC/68ΒΊF. Definitely one of the worst summers ever.

Yesterday a friend of my 2nd son called saying that he wanted to visit. My son didn’t want him to come so he said that it wasn’t possible. A couple of hours later my son came to me and said: “Phillip is here. He came uninvited… And he said he’ll stay until 6pm (it was 2pm then)”. I had to laugh because my son likes the boy but not for that long. Sometimes, while they are playing or doing something, he comes to me and says: “I have enough”. Poor baby. The worst part was when we were having dinner and my son said: “He said he’ll come back on Wednesday. No way in hell that I’ll open the door”.
I feel like him so many times. I don’t like people showing up unannounced. My house is mostly a mess and for sure I look like if I just got up wearing my cleaning clothes. That’s how I call them. It’s just a name. Like when you are called “Linda”. In Spanish linda means beautiful but not all the Linda’s are beautiful. And not all my cleaning clothes are worn to clean.
I’ll consider wearing the French maid costume. That would give me a much more sophisticated look, right? And I bet nobody else will show up uninvited.


~ by DotedOn on September 1, 2015.

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  2. Are you kidding? The French maid uniform will bring all sorts of unwanted guests!! Ha, ha! These playdates do get longer as the kids get older. Not sure how old your son is but for my 8 year old 2-3 hours seems good. For the 12 year old, 4 or more is not unheard of. Thankfully boys that age are usually low maintenance.

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  3. I can’t believe that kid came uninvited. I would feel pretty sad if someone did that to me as well. French maid costume is a good idea to scare those uninvited away but make sure whole family wears it together πŸ˜›

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  4. This day and age, there’s no reason for showing up unannounced, and to be told not to come and come anyway is downright rude. Makes me wonder if his Mom was looking for free babysitting.

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  5. I procrastinate like a boss… or at least I would if I didn’t put it off till the last minute. And as far as the French maid outfit… I’m pretty sure that would up the number of unannounced visitors showing up (not to mention peeping toms).

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    • I wanted to give the “I’m busy” hint. Do you think I should reconsider?
      I leave everything for the last minute and I always say that it’s because I work better under stress…. (What a bunch of crap!!) πŸ™‚


      • I don’t work better under stress, however, I do work more. Maybe we just need to up the schedule and lie to ourselves about when things need to be done. Who am I kidding, I still hit the snooze button 5 times because I KNOW exactly how late I can sleep…

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      • I set the alarm at the latest possible so I know I have to wake up and I don’t have any options. I wish I could clone myself and have amnesia on the clone one, maybe that way something gets done. πŸ™‚

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