Saturday. I survived my daughter’s first school day. She was too excited and drove me crazy for the past 3 days. I left her schoolbag ready for her a few days ago but she insisted on checking what it was inside and misplacing everything. Several times.
Last night we had some issues trying to decide her outfit. I mostly don’t care much about how she chooses to dress when we are at home, but when she picked a dress with flowers, striped leggings, a shirt with a grid pattern and her flamenco shoes (red with black polka dots), I thought that she was crossing the line and causing visual pollution. I’m still not sure how I could convince her to change because she didn’t accept my rule: “one fabric with a pattern and all the rest one full color”. I don’t know anything about fashion but I think that I go safe with my rule. She doesn’t agree.
I had to say that those leggings were for winter, the shirt was way too thin for this temperature and the shoes with the heels were going to cause blisters if she had to walk for a long time. I guess she thought I made a point.

Now she’s high on sugar because she ate most of the candy she got in the Schultüte but at least she’s not behind my shoulder asking me if it’s time to go to school.

That’s a picture of her together with her teacher Mrs. B, 1.85m/6’2″ ft. tall.


It’s 1.30pm, I’m yawning and considering serving dinner soon and bringing the kids to bed. I know they’ll complain but they are awake since 6.40am. And me too!! Why in hell they do this to me?? We were supposed to sleep until 8.00am. I’m sure that by the time they understand the concept of weekend, I’ll be too old and probably will wake up at 6.00am… No way. Then the morning will have 6 hours and that’s 5 hours more than what I can endure.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 1.43.35 PM

But when I go early to bed and I’m awake the entire morning, I think that the idea is even worse.  I can’t function until 11.30am so anything happening before that time is mostly wasted time.

~ by DotedOn on September 5, 2015.

15 Responses to “375”

  1. Very sweet!

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  2. Sounds like quite an ordeal. Glad you got that over with. Too funny!

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  3. I’m glad you’re surviving! I hope this weekend allows you to do more than just that.

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  4. My mother did not believe in mixing patterns either but I’ve always had my owns sense of fashion. I intentionally wore different colored shoes (same style but one blue and one red) and mismatched my patterns. She eventually gave up, and just let me have fun with fashion.

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    • I almost don’t have anything with patters because those things are hard to mix and match. I need easy things than don’t make me think too much or waste my time. I’m happy with an uniform 🙂

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    I forgot to reblog. I miss the reblog button on top of the page. 🙂


  6. That last photo describes me to a tee…

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  7. You daughter looked so cute with the Schultüte together!!! ❤ You are such a sweet mum making her Schultüte and I can see that she felt your sweet love in the photo!!! 😉

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