Sunday. I didn’t sleep enough. My own fault. A few weeks ago, the man brought a few board games. Among those games there was a jigsaw puzzle that we got long ago.
We never put it together because be never found a good time to do it and when we had the time, we didn’t have a place where we could leave it to continue later.
During the holidays, my kids asked if we could do it and I said that I saw that the bag with the pieces was open and that I was afraid that some pieces were missing. So I decided to count the pieces. I think I tried to count them six or seven times and every time I got interrupted or for some reason, I missed pieces or had pieces over.
Yesterday while I was alone, I decided it was a good time to count the pieces.
I made groups of 5 pieces so I could easily see if some piece was missing.


Crap, no pieces missing, I had 7 over. Why the hell do they write 1000 pieces on the box if they put 1007??
The “Rainman” in me got very nervous so I had to look for answers. I opened the search engine and typed: “How many pieces on 1000 pieces puzzle”.
I got these answers: 1000; 1000; 999; 998; 999; it depends where you bought it, if you got it a a thrift store, maybe 750; count them.
I got annoyed. I searched better and I found an answer with a really long calculation saying that if the pieces were a quarter of an inch and the puzzle was X by X big, there should be 1026 pieces. Come on!! I was pissed then. So I searched again.
It seems that there is not a fixed number because sometimes the company that produces them add special shaped pieces, but if it says 1000 in the box, for sure you’ll get at least 1000, very likely you’ll get some more but never less. Thank you for the help.

While I was searching for an answer, I read some fun facts about jigsaw puzzles. I bet you didn’t know that for a 1000 piece jigsaw you’ll need about 30 minutes to get all the pieces sorted the right way up with the ‘Straight edge’ pieces separated out. And then you need to double this time to sort all the pieces into rough groupings of color. And that it’ll take you four times as long to do a 1,000 piece jigsaw as it will to do a 500 piece jigsaw because each time you double the number of pieces you quadruple the difficulty.

So I didn’t have other option that to start working on it and see if those fun facts were true or not. So far, I took a bit over half an hour to separate color and edges because I did both separations at the same time. The person who wrote that wasn’t so efficient after all.

Then I stayed up until 2.30am; I wanted to see if it was complete or not. Of course I didn’t finish.
This morning I continued for a bit. So far, nothing is missing and I’m 2/3 done.



~ by DotedOn on September 13, 2015.

14 Responses to “383”

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  2. You know, I hate to tell you this, but you could have saved all the time you spent researching how many pieces were in the puzzle by doing the puzzle to see if any were missing. LOL!

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  3. Twin
    I love you dearly but you read the craziest things!!!!! That where some extra time goes. We are both very curious!!!!!!
    Have a great day. Thank you again for the great post yesterday.

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  4. Good luck dear! ❤ Hope it is done today! 🙂

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  5. So…. it’s safe to assume you are another passenger on this OCD bus, hrm? 🙂

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