Thursday. Kind of a low day today. I don’t care about the millions but please give me some chocolate. I’m trying to decided which feeling I prefer: being low or being hormonal. It’s so hard to decided… But I’m not asking the people around me because I think they prefer me low and quiet than irritable and blustery.

This morning I saw a falcon flying around my house. When I got downstairs I understood why. There were a few rabbits eating on my lawn. While I was looking at the rabbits, a magpie flew low like if it was about to hunt one of the rabbits. I had to see that. Of course, nothing happened. I guess that when the magpie saw the size of the rabbit, changed plans and landed nearby.
About half an hour passed and I went to check again and saw two magpies eating what it looked like a quarter of a small animal. So I think that before my kids get here, I’ll have to do some picking and tossing again. I didn’t enjoy the moment last week when I had to answer my son about the circle of feathers on the grass: “What happened here?”.

I noticed that many birds are looking for food now. I think it’s time to fill the “Bird Restaurant”. But isn’t a bit early?
It was kind of shocking for me seeing the magpie eating a bird a few weeks ago and also this morning. I was afraid that the lack of food made them change the diet but apparently this kind of magpie (Eurasian magpie or pica pica) is omnivorous and eats young birds and eggs, insects, scraps and carrion, acorns, grain, and other vegetable substances.

220px-Pica_pica_-_Compans_Caffarelli_-_2012-03-16 (1)

It’s said that the Eurasian magpie is one of the most intelligent birds, and possibly the most intelligent of all animals. Like other corvids, such as ravens and crows, their total brain-to-body mass ratio is equal to most great apes and cetaceans.

I enjoy watching those birds very much but sometimes I think they are quite scary, specially crows. I fell like instead of me watching them, they are watching me.



~ by DotedOn on September 17, 2015.

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  2. I’ve always been a little scared of birds. I don’t even go into pet stores if they’re flying around loose.

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  3. Twin
    You have a front row seat to live Nat Geo!!!!!! We have a family of 5 Hawks who come to our birdbath. I love watching them. The daddy Hawkie is over a foot tall. The wing span is incredible.
    I have 3 eye test tomorrow, the answer will come after. Keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer for me.
    Have a great day.

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  4. Wow, I never knew you were so up on your knowledge of birds!! Wish I had some chocolate for you.

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  5. Crows are very intelligent birds! And annoying, too.

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  6. I’m surprised to know magpie was eating another bird. Seriously, I never thought it could happen. I’m also sorry to hear that you had to pick it up before you kids find it out. Hope it will never happen in your backyard again! πŸ˜‰

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  7. Make no mistake, the crows are watching you…

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