Saturday. Very late today. I’m a bit stressed about many things and I was trying to organize stuff for next week when my 3rd son came to me and said: “Do you remember when I went to Malik’s birthday?”
“Do you remember I gave him a Lego game?”
“Ok, when he opened the box, it was empty?”
“Yes, he opened the box and nothing was there”
“And you are telling me this now… The birthday was in February and you waited until the end of September to let me know?”
“….” He was pensive.
“Are you serious?”
“Could it be that you dreamed about it?”
“No, no no”
“Why didn’t you tell me when you got back from the party? Or anything? I could have gone to the toy store AND also apologize… I can’t believe this, you let everyone believe that you gave an empty box as a present? And waited half a year to tell me?”

I have a stomachache now. Nothing seems to make sense today.

That reminded me of something that happened many years ago. I was probably 22 years old. I was still living at my parents place and in our house there was a girl working as a maid (Mary). She used to live there with us during the week and have the weekends off.
One time we went on holidays for a couple of weeks. We got back and about 3 months later while we were having dinner, my brother said:
“Do you remember when we were on holidays?”
“Yes” “yes” we all said.
“Ok, Mariano’s mother told me (our neighbor) that Mary brought a man home”
My mom almost choked. My father started having a pain in his arm. My sister and I asked: “Is that true?”
“Yes, she saw them coming in”
“Since when do you know this?”
“Hmmmm… since we got back, maybe?”
“And you waited 3 months to tell us?”

I’ll write what happened after that next time. Now I need to keep shaking my head and if I do it while staring at the screen, I get a bit dizzy.

~ by DotedOn on September 26, 2015.

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  2. Okay, not quite the same thing but my son is kind of like that. I bring him home from rock school and I ask him what happened and he’ll just say ‘nothing’. Then maybe a couple of hours later he’ll tell me something really dishy and I’ll say ‘you waited all this time to tell me that??’ I think the only reason it’s hours rather than days or months with him is because he knows how much mama likes her gossip!!

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  3. Time to teach kiddo a lesson, next time you get him a gift, give the empty box. Did the boy just tell after all this time or did he just find out?????? You’re the mother who wanted a huge family, five, FIVE kids!!!!!!
    Talk to you later.

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  4. lol now I have an image of you shaking your head and staring at your screen roflmao

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  5. Hey.. btw, this reminds me.. you remember that post you put up about six months ago.. yeah, there was a spelling error in it. Just thought I’ll tell you. πŸ˜€

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  6. It’s cute when kids ask a lot of questiona. But I know sometimes it can give you headache πŸ˜›

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