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Monday. It never fails. Here it is to make me frown. I remember having this feeling since I was 6 years old: “Another long week ahead”. And I have so many things to do, I wish I could escape. Actually, I’m already planning my escape. I only need the guts to push the “Confirm” button. I’d gladly do it if someone tells me that when I get back, all the problems will be gone. Because that’s the idea, to have a real holiday and come back and start from zero. Not to get back and have the old 500 and 345 new things. That ‘s not fair.

Yesterday I went to an amusement park. I was in charge of my three youngest kids. I had a map of the park and decided to go ONLY to the attractions that were marked as: “For the entire family”. I don’t like roller coasters. I don’t like crazy rides. I don’t like things that go around non-stop and I don’t like things where I can feel I could fall.
I ticked all the f#$king things I hate yesterday. The worst part was to see my daughter and 3rd son enjoying the freaking rides with their arms up. I couldn’t breath, so I couldn’t pray or close my eyes. I could only wish the stupid ride finished soon.
I kept asking my youngest son: “Did you like it?” “YES!!”… I guess I’m getting old. Too old.

That’s me on a carrousel. The previous time I did that was in 1993. I was always very lucky to find someone to go on with my kids. Yesterday I sent my other kids to some flying chairs that there was no way in hell I’d ride, and decided to wait for them until my youngest son said: “I want to go there”. How could I say no?


I’m not that green there. That came soon after when I said to my kids: “There is no one waiting to go in that attraction, should we try it?”. OMG… It was a big roon where you could sit and after a bit, it turned around somehow and you could see the floor hanging from the ceiling. I got dizzy 10 seconds after the chair moved and my head started to hurt. It was 5.15pm then and I had to wait until 10.30pm when I got home to take an Ibuprofen because I couldn’t even think from the pain.

I had plans to see the eclipse but of course, the clouds in this part of the world didn’t let me.
I could see the big moon on the way back home.



I also could see the Orion Constellation incredibly clear at 4.35am because it was very low on the sky and alone, while the rest of the sky was covered up by clouds.
I woke up twice to find the moon but it was nowhere to be seen. Better luck next time.

What I did see was a rainbow and my daughter trying to get the treasure at the end of it.


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  2. Gold at end of tunnel, just like mother. She’s learned well. The a great photo of you and cutie.

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  3. Almost missed this today Paola! Gosh, I HATE amusement parks, the lines, the crazy rides…can’t wait til I never have to go to one again. Love pic of you and son and rainbow. I couldn’t see the moon at all from where I was last night.


  4. Going on rides your kids want and sacrificing yourself for it… yeah, that’s the definition of good parenting. Making your kids go on rides that they don’t want too because you want too.. that’s the definition of my kind of parenting. What? I never said I was a good parent. šŸ˜€

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  5. You are a brave lady. I hope the smiles on your kid’s faces was payoff!

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  6. I used to like exciting rides a lot, but I guess I’m getting old as well. I started to get really scared of them. However, I still get on those rides to challenge myself šŸ˜›

    Loved those photos! Very beautiful! The one you took with your son was really cute!!! Gorgeous mother and handsome son! How perfect! ā¤ šŸ˜‰

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  7. I love amusement parks. I love the rides especially roller coasters. Hope you had a little fun despite being scared. XX

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