Wednesday. Today is my 2nd son’s 11th birthday. I should be finishing the cake and cooking right now. I’m really surprised that I could take the cake from the form and it didn’t break. Now I’m curious to see if it also tastes good. It’s hard to believe that I could make it, I didn’t burn it, I could take it out of the form and I didn’t forget any ingredient. I think I’m counting the chickens… I better wait until it’s ready before I talk.

I had planned to write something today but of course, I got distracted while reading another blog.
I follow http://assholeswatchingmovies.com. I love to read the assholes opinions on the movies.
Today I read a post that Jay wrote called “Unable to Find the Disabled”, you can read it here.
I feel terrible right now. I don’t have any disability. Nobody in my family has. But I know pain and I know pride. My mother has several skin, joints and bones diseases. She also had cancer and went through a really hard treatment. I didn’t see her at the time because I was living here but I know what my siblings told me and what she told me. Apart from the constant pain she has due to the joint diseases (imagine her hands like clusters of eggplants, her knees and ankles three times the normal size), she had to endure the sickness of chemotherapy. She couldn’t touch any cold thing because she could freeze to death. She was so sick and exhausted that she could barely breathe. Walking for her is hard any given day, imagine how bad it was then; But she’s so stubborn that she got dressed every single day and went to work.

My dad had a problem in his hips and they had to be replaced. A few days before the operation, he couldn’t walk anymore. He was dragging himself from a place to another and taking pain killers like candy.
We asked him if he wanted a wheelchair and he refused even though every step he took put tears in his eyes.

I’m sure that when you go somewhere, you like to park the car near the place you are going. Maybe you don’t have any disability or suffer any pain but you just like to park near the entrance. What happens when one day you or any of your family members has a problem that makes walking really hard. That day you beg to find a place as near as possible to avoid them having extra pain, right?
Disable people are in constant pain. You can see the disability or not but that doesn’t mean they are fine. They need those parking spots near the entrance. Every step they take it takes a lot of effort. Please leave those parking spots free.
And if you ever see someone who looks normal and parked in one of those spots, don’t assume that they are using the spots because they are lazy and decide to leave a note with your opinion. Please take the time to see if they really should use the spots or not.
Disabled people have already enough on their shoulders and they don’t need someone stupid to make them feel even worse.
I get your good intentions by saving the spots for who really needs them… But before acting, check if the one who parked there needed the spot or not.

Imagine the pain these notes caused on the disabled people who found them on their cars. I’d be crying for days.




~ by DotedOn on September 30, 2015.

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  2. A very emotional post for you today. It’s easy for people to see a handicapped sign or a person with a disability and not truly realize what they are going through. I suffered with fibromyalgia for some time which isn’t truly a handicap but for a long time I didn’t know what was wrong with me and sometimes those handicapped spots looked awfully tempting…especially when dealing with my baby.
    On a brighter note, happy birthday to your son. With 5 children, it must seem like there’s a birthday every week!

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  3. TP
    Handicap parking angered me overtime I took my granny out. She was in wheelchair two years and had handicap plague for car. Half the time we went to mall all the spaces were taken. What made me more angry is no one is accountable so no on is held accountable for breaking the law. I would have to find the last spot in a row because I had a Corvette. Trying to get a wheelchair out of back, get granny out of car, hold her up till end of car where wheelchair was and not door ding anyone.
    I work hard to stay positive about health yet reality is I could be in wheelchair soon. I’ll have to take it as it comes. I’m writing a post with update on Lyme.

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  4. I hope you’ll post a picture of the fab cake!

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness here today. It means a lot – and not just to me.

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    • 🙂 Jay, I hate pain. I wish all pain could be eliminated from the world. Any kind of pain makes me sad. Physical pain, emotional pain, I just hate it… And when I know that pain can be avoided somehow and it’s not, it just makes me mad.

      I hope your pain is less every day and that soon disappears 🙂


  5. I feel sorry for your dad honey! I have a uncle who is only 40 something and he became disable after having a serious injury at work. I totally understand how they feel. It’s sad to see how much they want to walk, but they can’t really do it themselves 😦

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