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Mug shot Tuesday. ‘I’m an intelligent classy well educated woman who says “fuck” a lot’.
I think we can argue about some of the statements above but not about the last one. I say “fuck” a lot. A LOT.
I say it so much that someone told me: “I think we should live on a boat so you can swear like the sailor you really are”. Fine with me!

I have a dirty mouth. Most of the time I don’t really care. When my kids are around I don’t hide it. When other kids are around, I do my best. One time I let a “fucking” slip in front of my daughter’s teacher. She laughed. I said: “I’m sorry but I think it’s the only way to show you how I truly feel about this situation”.

I mentioned before that in my country there are no insults that hurt anyone anymore. Every bad word is so worn out that whatever anyone says to you, you don’t really care, you just nod and sometimes you swear back.
There is also something very characteristic in my country. Men say compliments (things) to women walking on the street. Not all the men but for example many truck drivers or guys working in construction sites, will say something to the ladies.
Sometimes, they say nice things. Some other times they say pretty embarrassing things. So sometimes the ladies smile and other times the ladies say an insult back.
Any compliment starting with a derivate of the word “MADRE” (mother), is mostly something that will embarrass you.
The words I mean are: “mamá, mamacita, mamita, madraza, mamaza, etc.”

This is what happened to me once:

guy: “Mamita, qué tetas! No tenés idea lo que les haría!!”
me: “Qué pedazo de pajero”
guy: “Epa!! Usás esa boquita para decir ‘te quiero’?”
me: “Si, y también para chupar pijas”

I’m debating if I should translate this or not since it’s really not ladylike (and it could alter the image of angel that you have about me).
But OK, here it goes an adaptation of the dialog because it’s impossible to translate that word by word.

guy: “Little momma, nice tits! You have not idea what I’d do to them!!”
me: “You are such a tosser/wanker/masturbator”
guy: “Whoa! And do you use the same mouth to say ‘I love you’?”
me: “Yes, and also to su#$ di#$s”

The guy’s jaw dropped and I only begged that he stayed where he was because if he decided to follow me, I was in big trouble.

That happened in my early twenties. I have many stories like that. I wonder how it would be now that I’m in my forties.
Probably after the guy says:
” You have not idea what I’d do to them!!”
I’d reply: “You promise??”

~ by DotedOn on October 6, 2015.

24 Responses to “406”

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  2. haha! Nice response!

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  3. When I’m not with my kids I still get hit on like that sometimes. I work in a really bad neighborhood but I like to get out of the office for like 10 minutes and stretch my legs so I don’t let the fact that it’s a bad neighborhood stop me. I get propositioned a lot though. One guy asked me if I was ‘working’. Another guy said ‘beautiful’ and when I didn’t react he came around the block and started yelling at me. I think he was saying something about how if I dress the way I do I deserve this behavior but I was really only wearing appropriate clothes for a summer day.

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  4. I’m quite sweary too. It just comes out! I turn it off at work, and around my in-laws, and I come away sweaty from the effort.
    It’s hard to accept such crude behaviour as a compliment, but I think your response is solid gold. You’re my kind of rock star!

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  5. 😀 !!!
    I would divide my country in swearing terms in two: the northern part and the rest of it! I am not sure where the frontier is, I believe the line is defined exactly when you start hearing everybody cursing and swearing for no reason. You are in the north when the C-word, the F-word, and don’t forget the P-word are so common that if you want to feel at home you’ll need to use them as well and a lot! It’s so common that nobody cares!
    Your answer to the guy was supreme, very gourmet style, I warn you not to use it right here in the north where I live, every man, child or woman would be easily prepared to answer back – and you could be embarrassed! 😀
    Loved your post!

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  6. We can work on our potty mouths together. It’s not appropriate for a Minister to get down with every dirty word out there. I don’t say GD but everything else is open territory.

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  7. hahahaha you have no idea how cute you are sweetie ❤ The response you gave that guy was incredible. The last one was even more brilliant – "You promise??".

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  8. My 9 year old seems to analyze the use of foul language. He has commented before on how in some countries, our super foul words seem like nothing. I guess he is right!

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  9. Ok, that last line…hahaha

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