Thursday. Chance of rain 20%. It’s raining; just when my son said he was going to mow the lawn. I think one more time mowing and next time it’ll be next year. I just saw that the temperature will go down to 1ºC/33ºF this weekend. I have no idea if it’ll warm up after that. What am I saying? for sure it will, the question is, when?

Do you have any regrets? Are those regrets for the things you did or for the things you didn’t do?

I regret a lot of things I did and I’m sure I’ll regret a lots of things I didn’t do.
How can you ever be happy if every time you have to choose between two things and you pick one, you are letting the other thing go?
Can you always move on and never look back? Or you’ll always wonder how it would have been if you had picked the discarded choice? For how long that thought will bug you?

Did you ever ask yourself why you are still unhappy in the place you are? Did you ever wonder how it would be if you go somewhere else?
Did you ever went to bed with one person wishing they were another one?

If you answer yes to any of those questions, can I ask you if you feel like you are living or if you feel like you are surviving?

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~ by DotedOn on October 8, 2015.

26 Responses to “408”

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  2. Life is all about experience and hopefully we learn to choose differently if we don’t like where we are… We are not victims of life but powerful creators… Love to you and love your thought provoking post, barbara


  3. I love the way your write and the posts on this blog.

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  4. I answered no to all of them, and I’m not a big fan of regrets. I think the only thing I really regret is when I’m too proud. I can really get in the way of myself and I wish I could grow beyond that already. Of course, it’s very hard to tell myself that in the moment. I’m very maddening!

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    • No to all the questions!! That’s great Jay! 🙂
      What’s the contrary of proud? Because that would be me… I just had to ask myself how many times I have to hit the head against the wall before I realize I’m hurting. 🙂


  5. They say no regrets but it’s really difficult not to regret certain things. On the other hand, life goes on so we really can’t spend our time harping on shoulda coulda woulda…right?

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  6. Yesterday, my sister-in-law was talking to me about how powerful words can be. They can build you up or tear you down. She suggested I use words to build myself up rather than knock myself down. I’m going to work on that. I feel happier when I live in the moment and try to forget about regrets.

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  7. Good that you raised up all these questions here and I do often ask these questions to myself. The answer is I just keep moving on and whatever happened in the past and I just let it be the past. I don’t regret much 😉

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  8. I don’t live with regret, mainly because my definition of regret has to do with wishing you made a different choice. But, I am who I am today because of all the choices I made (and didn’t make), and I’m kind of ok with who I am.

    Now, wanting to make better decisions in the future… abso-freaking-lutely.

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