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Saturday. I’m not very inspired today so I had to ask for suggestions about what to write. Thank you Aaron!
Did you know that traveling is one of my favorite things in the world? I don’t like spending money in mostly anything unless it’s traveling. I remember being on a trip with my sister and when we were about half way I said to my sister: “This is way too cool, what do you think if we spend half the money we have from now on and save the rest to travel again next year?”. I like my sister. If I had said something like that to my mom, she would have said: “Are you freaking insane?”. You see, my mom thinks that when she’s on holidays, she HAS to be a queen. The nicest hotel and the nicest anything. In my case, I prefer to sleep on the train while going somewhere and save the money so I can keep traveling. The truth is, I don’t sleep because there is no way I can relax if I don’t feel safe, but it doesn’t matter for me, I can always sleep tomorrow… You have no idea how little I sleep when I go on holidays. First because “that’s not my bed”, second because “no, someone could rob us while we are sleeping”, third , I’ll be probably planning what to do the next day because I don’t waste a second.
So when I come back from anywhere, I’ll probably have dark circles around my eyes but I look like the happiest person in town.

It was I think December 1993 and I heard someone talking about “El Tren PatagΓ³nico”, a train that used to go from Buenos Aires to Bariloche (Argentina). I’m not sure if it still rides.
I asked my sister and friends if they’d like to go to the mountains that summer. That we could go backpacking there and stay in youth hostels. They loved the idea so we booked a ticket for the first week in January.
I have no idea the distance. The trip had to be 36 hours but the train broke down in the middle of the Pampas and we got to our destination 7 hours later than planned.
But it was a blast. I love trains. I love meeting people there. I love watching outside and see the absolutely nothing in that case, because the Pampas are flat and sometimes you don’t even see a tree around. And Patagonia is not always what many of you probably have in mind.


Some parts are pretty deserted. And this landscape below is what you see for several hours.


Now imagine this. January is one of the hottest months in the Southern Hemisphere. We had to leave the windows open during the day. But at night, the temperature drops a lot in the desert. So everything had to be closed. And at the time, smoking was allowed everywhere (or better said, the smokers didn’t give a crap if you didn’t like the smell). So the wagons where FULL of desert dust during the day and FULL of smoke during the night.
Do I need to describe the bathroom? Let me just say that I wished it was like the one on the picture…


It was 4 times as big and there were no things where you could hold on to. No problem for boys… BIG BIG BIG problem for girls… We have to hold our pants and keep the balance while squatting… And aiming to the freaking hole while you are holding yourself on the wall with one finger, because some men really LOVE to leave a signature on the train bathroom’s walls so it’s terribly gross to touch, plus we need to hold the toilet paper (that you must bring from home), and also try to keep both feet on the stands because if you don’t you could fall on the hole and I don’t even want to think about it. It’s not a fun experience.
So the key was to drink as little as possible which it was hard because the dust and smoke make you thirsty.

I have curly hair but when I got to Bariloche I could see myself with straight hair. But it wasn’t pretty. Each lock of hair was as hard as a stick. It wasn’t shining, it had all the dust from the desert and it smelled like smoke. I was amazed to see how freaking dirty it was that evening when we got to the hostel and I could finally take a shower.

More about the trip the coming days. I still couldn’t write what I wanted to and this post is already too long and.


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  2. Oh yes, I definitely wing it while traveling and rarely get much sleep but for some reason never feel tired. There’s a Motorhead song about touring and the line in it is :I should be tired, but all I am is wired. That’s me traveling. I never had to use quite so bad a toilet as that though. Sounds like you should get an Olympic gold medal for using it.

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  3. It’s funny the things we put ourselves through when we’re travelling. I LOVE trains and I was so happy that you focused on one of your train trips. The hardest part for me in train bathrooms is changing my clothes. Bruises guaranteed.

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    • I don’t remember having to change clothes in a train bathroom. The trips were mostly shorter than that one or we were lucky enough to get a cabin with curtains. Now I need to see if I can do that!! πŸ˜€
      Trains are amazing!!


      • Oh, on a 72-hour train from Toronto to Vancouver in coach, changing in that little bathroom and starting to smell are your only two options, I’m afraid.

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      • I believe I’m adding that trip to my bucket list! πŸ™‚
        I understand now πŸ™‚ I hope at least the bathroom was clean!!


  4. You brave souls! All-in-all, it sounds very intriguing and Patagonia? … A dream come true.

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  5. I adore the backpacker spirits of you. Not everyone can do what you do, especially girls. The adventure you did was amazing and those places were beautiful. For the toilet part, I don’t know how you did it as it was incredibly hard to squat while handling so many things at once . Big thumbs up to you dear! ❀ ❀ ❀

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  6. I loved reading this. You take awesome trips. Minus the heat, smoke smell, and the bathroom! XX

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  7. You say you love to travel.. but the rest of this story makes me never want to travel. Ever. Ever ever. πŸ™‚

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