Sunday. I had a really disturbing dream. The kind that makes you mad in the middle of the night. I’m glad I could fall asleep again and that I remembered it this morning so I could look for the meaning of it.
I’m smiling. I couldn’t have had a better dream even if I wanted to. Dreaming with poop and filthy toilets it’s not so bad after all. Let’s see if it’s true.

I’ll continue with my trip to the south of Argentina. We didn’t have plans so if we woke up one day and we felt like going somewhere, we just did it or tried to do it because the distances there were really big and the means of transportation were scarce. The buses stopped riding quite early in the evening and the taxis were not really affordable. We didn’t have other choice than hitch-hike. When I think about it now, I truly can’t believe how we dared to do it. One thing is to hitch-hike in the city and other totally different is to do it in a deserted place that you don’t know.
We used to hitch-hike with my friends in our town. I remember a time when I was 15 ant together with other 7 girls, made 2 teams and competed to see who got home first. We were by the river in the north part of Buenos Aires, 25 km/15.5 mi away from our houses.
I have no idea what crosses the mind of the people who see 4 teens by the road and decide to stop. I can’t decide now who’s crazier.
That time hitch-hiking was my idea, so when the first car stopped the girls said that I HAD to sit on the front near the driver. OK… After about 10 minutes and 500 questions, the creepy Colombian guy grabbed my leg and I got so nervous that I said: “Thanks for the ride you can stop here”. My friends were laughing and a bit mad because we could have won if we stayed with him. We won anyway, other 3 cars gave us rides and we got first to where we had agreed with the other girls.

It seems that the leg grabbing wasn’t so traumatic after all because there I was again, almost 7 years later, showing my finger to the drivers… The thumb when the car was approaching, the middle one when the car didn’t stop.

Who wouldn’t want to stop and pick 3 twenty something girls, two brunettes and one blond?
After about 5 minutes, a pale yellow Ford F100 with a blond guy stopped.


Holy fuck! Is this a dream? We run to the truck, the guy moved to open the window and said: “Only two can ride here with me and one has to go to the back”. We looked at each other and I said: “Cabin”, so my sister and friend went to the back.
Can I say that the guy was gorgeous without seeming horny? (No, I don’t think I can, never mind…). He was Dutch, 40 years old and living in Argentina for 8 years. He said he loved it there and that he produced cheese and traded it with other people. It seemed like the perfect life. He said that in the “community” they didn’t buy or sell, they only traded stuff.
Then I told him I loved traveling and that I was planning to travel the world, if possible by train. Then he said: “In that case, I would advice you to go on the Trans-Siberian. It’s an 11 days trip. It’s unbelievable and you’ll never forget it. The Russians are incredible and for sure every day someone will have their birthday and you’ll be invited to drink vodka with them. It’s so much fun!”.

That day I decided to make a bucket list:

-Going on the Trans-Siberian.

That’s Lake Nahuel Huapi, in Bariloche, Argentina. I wish I could say: I swam there. I can say I went in there until the water was to knee level and then I ran out because it was freaking cold.



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  2. There’s a show here in America called The Amazing Race. Teams compete on a trip around the world and they’re given difficult assignments to do along the way. Not sure if you would have seen it.

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  3. Wow, you are braver than I am. I once, on vacation in Western Canada, accepted a ride from an old man who seemed nice back when i was like 23 and my friends never let me hear the end of it.

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  4. Did you ever get to go to russia? lol about the vodka, russians drink a lot of it lol. oh and, way to go bout your dream, too! XX

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  5. I enjoyed my younger years and the traveling that I got to do.. granted, Uncle Sam (the US Gov’t) paid for it all… and also got to pick where and when I got to go… so, there’s that. But, I got to see a lot of the world, even if it was through the lens of the military.

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  6. Wow you are so adventurous dear!!! I wish I could as brave as you! I don’t think I can do the whole hitch-hiking thing 😛 Well, I guess it’s well worth it in the end. 😉 Lake Nahuel Huapi is very beautiful and I would love to visit in the future ❤

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  7. This post makes me want to CALL your mother and tattle on you! I do love reading about your adventures, and I’m so happy you lived to tell the tale!

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