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Mug shot Tuesday. Opposites attract. That’s true. That works perfectly with magnets. But what about people? Do opposites really attract? Probably they do. But for how long they’ll stay attracted to each other? How long before they get tired of adjusting to the other person’s needs?
In my opinion, it’s very difficult to reach a balance. There is always one of the two in the relationship who will sacrifice more than the other. And I wonder, when you give up on your dreams (or things) to make the other one happy, how long does it take before you realize that that was not what you signed up for?

I thought I could live without some things and learn to live with others, but on the way, I realized that I lost myself. That I had lost my dreams. Why the fu#$ did I think that the other person would do the same for me that I was doing for them? I wish it worked that way, but sadly, that’s not always the case.

It’s nice when you meet those couples who are completely different and somehow they reach a balance and you can see they are truly happy. But what happens when you see a couple and they are totally different and you can’t help but notice that only one of them is giving and the other one only taking? Do you talk to the giver and ask: Does that bother you? or do you go home and shake your head? Or maybe you comment that with other friends to see if they also noticed? Or do you think he/she is so lucky because they got someone who does everything for them?
I admit I went through all those options.

My brother is a nice guy. A really nice guy. The kind of guy I always say: “I wish I met someone like him”. The wife is also nice but if you have to compare her to my brother, she’s a bitch. So of course, keeping my mouth shut is not easy when I see my sweet brother acting like a butler around her and doing things that I know he doesn’t like to do but he agrees on doing them just for her. Like going to the theater and see musicals. OK, maybe it’s because I don’t like musicals and I see that as a torture but come on!! If you love sports and all your life you went to the stadium to see the matches and then you meet a girl who likes musicals and you agree on going to see those musicals, wouldn’t you expect that at least once she agrees to go to the stadium and watch the freaking match with you? I would expect that… And I’m sure my brother too… so why the fu#$ he’s not saying it? Why is he letting everything go her way?

I realized I want someone just like me. Someone who likes the things I like. Someone who can laugh. Someone who can dream. Romantic. Sweet. And if possible, with my same quirks.
A man who won’t say anything when he sees me opening the sandwich I just bought and rearranging everything in it so every piece has the exact same taste than the previous one. A man who will smile when he sees me spreading something on my toast from edge to edge so it’s perfectly even. A man who won’t think I’m stupid for doing some things the way I like to do them.

So, if one day I see a man cutting a piece of cheese to fit perfectly on a cracker, what do you think I should do?



~ by DotedOn on October 20, 2015.

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  2. I don’t know if they attract, or if the two personalities somehow are complimentary. One of life’s mysteries I suppose!

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  3. This is beautiful! I want a man who is very close to what you describe 😉

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  4. I don’t know if it’s always true that opposites attract. Me and my husband are pretty alike although we definitely have our differences as well. Maybe your brother sees something in his wife that he needs. Maybe he needs someone more assertive. Or maybe one day, he’ll just realize that he’s had enough and walk out. It’s hard to judge a relationship from the outside.

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  5. You’re adorable!

    I think my husband and I are total opposites, but we are perfect together. I’m loud, he’s quiet, I’m passionate, he’s reserved. I go to NYC every year to see as many Broadway shows as possible, and though he never did it before, he loves doing it with me. And yes, we also go see football, basketball, and baseball games, which he loves – and even though I don’t like sports, I do like being with him and seeing him happy. So we’ve shown each other our worlds and we share in activities and it just works. I could NEVER be with someone like me. I’d hate it. 🙂

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    • That’s so nice, Jay!! You two found the balance!! You have no idea how hard that is!! 🙂
      I had someone who wasn’t like me and the relationship was a total disaster… I felt I was the only one doing the sacrifices and at one point, I was drained.
      Now I want someone as crazy as I am who can laugh with me and be as passionate and romantic as I am and who never ever would laugh at my dreams 🙂
      (That can’t be that hard, right? 😀 )


  6. I think it’s okay to be opposites as long as ur core values are alike. And yes BOTH definitely have to be willing to sacrifice, communicate n compromise.

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