Wednesday. Being a parent sucks sometimes. Specially when your kids think that you are unfair. Like this morning. I’m the worst mom in the world and it was not because I served breakfast at noon.
I’m the oldest child and I remember saying to my parents that they were unfair because every time I wanted something, it took me months to get it. When my younger sister wanted the same thing, she probably got it after asking for it for one week… And my youngest brother didn’t even have to has because it seemed that everything was offered to him.
Now I have this problem. My oldest son thinks I’m unfair to him but at the same time, my second son is saying the same. So I really don’t know anymore. Are they really expecting me to take a side? I’m not. They are both wrong. So they can stay mad at me for as long as they want. I’m not favoring any of them.
And this is one of those days when I really wish I could pack my bag and leave. They have no idea how hard being a single parent is and as much as I want to shout at them: “I wish one day you are in my same situation”, I won’t say it because really, I don’t wish this to anyone (except for my ex, of course, he totally deserves to feel how I felt while we were together and see how hard to take care of 5 kids without any help is).

I see a big glass of wine in my near future.



~ by DotedOn on October 21, 2015.

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  2. Yes, it truly is not easy. With me and my husband having opposing schedules, I am often alone with the kids and sometimes it is very difficult.

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  3. I thought this post was going to about marijuana, being no.421….

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  4. TP
    I think all kids try to get away with that until you put an end to it. Because I was abused my granny would get bday presents for both. She was showing extra love, my brother got the big toy, I got a shirt or pack of socks. She didn’t favor us. We had to get a stick just as often as the other. It was more punishment looking for you stick. They barely taped us but it got our attn. They want to play that game take electronics or fav toy away for a week. That will get attn. I’ll be home Sunday, 2 weeks recuperating then I’ll be good to go. I’ll get to catch up on reading. I finally have a new pair of glasses. I’ll be thinking about you. I wore my Rosary yesterday to the doctor. That’s another long story and new round test. I told him to remind me in six months. That port coming out of my chest is a lot of work. No water on it, use sticky plastic wrap over when shower. Maybe I’ll have a book when this is over.

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  5. Being a single is definitely hard especially you have 5 kids. The whole “unfair” thing reminded me of my childhood. I used to blame my parents for being so unfair to me. I can totally imagine their pain through your story. It made me cherish what they do for me even more now. 😉 Thank you so much dear! ❤

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  6. Parenting is not about being fair. And a child using that argument is usually attempting to manipulate feelings in order to get what they want. Parenting is about getting that kid to 18 and then kicking them out the door with the least amount of damage possible… or, something like that.

    Stay strong. Jilt your kids equally, and revel in the fact that they think they are being treated unfairly. Because if they are all complaining about you being unfair, you must be doing something right.

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