Sunday. Sunny day. I should be baking the cake for my 3rd son’s birthday tomorrow but since we changed the time last night, I kind of have an extra hour to waste. And that’s pretty much what I’m doing. I decided to have breakfast in front of the TV. Big mistake. “Back To The Future II” was on and I loved that movie so I had to watch it. Then I discovered that “Back To The Future III” followed. I don’t really have that much time to waste. What a shame!

A couple of days ago I was talking with a friend about love. Yes, I’m fixated with it. I firmly believe that I deserve to find (and get) someone who’s the perfect match for me.
I wonder if everyone marries their perfect match or if people just agrees to get married with someone who’s good enough and then (try to) make it work.
Many people get divorced and many people stay together even when they don’t love each other anymore because of many different reasons (kids, company, comfort, afraid of what others will think of them, pets, you name it…).
I’m one of those dreamers who can’t tolerate the idea of life without love. And when I say love, I mean the kind of love that takes your breath away, gives you goosebumps, makes you forget the pan on the fire, have you dreaming of your beloved the entire day and makes you want to share every single thing with them. They are the last thing you think about before you fall asleep and the first thing you think about when you open your eyes in the morning. And probably if you wake up in the middle of the night, you’ll be thinking about them too.
And when you are with them, you can barely take your hands off each other because you want them so much that you feel you NEED to be one with them.
Did you find that kind of love?
Trust me, it exists. It’s not just me that still believes in fairy tales or watched too many romantic movies.
That kind of magical love exists.
I’m sad about people trying to convince me otherwise. I felt the magic so I know it’s true.
In all my life I met only a few people who agreed with me on this subject and those were the ones who found that kind of love.
The kind of love that only the idea of losing it, makes it hard for you to breathe.



~ by DotedOn on October 25, 2015.

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  2. Our time change isn’t until next week. Happy Birthday to your son!! When I was younger I used to mess around a lot with boys that were cute but a lot of them were jerks. I decided to stay with my husband because he was the only one who said things I was interested in. Also, he seemed a lot more down to earth and I knew I could be myself around him. Not sure if that helps.

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  3. I agree it definitely does exist. I thought I had it once with my H but not for about 6 years. And then I absolutely found it with P for almost 2 years. It wasn’t perfect or easy and it took communication, love and both of us willing to compromise. We found joy n happiness just simply being together and could literally tell each other anything n everything.

    My parents adored one another for 42 years when my Mom died. Family n friends still talk about their marriage. It totally wasn’t perfect but they were best friends and simply enjoyed each other’s company. Even after all those years my Mom would walk past him n he would grab her n start kissing her. Totally embarrassing as a kid but very special and rare.
    Don’t give up, it’s out there πŸ™‚

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  4. There may be that kind of love or lust. Some people get married to young and grow apart, some have affairs because their not getting any booty at home. My grandparents were married almost 60 years, did they love each other yes, did the have romantic love, thinking about each other all the time wanting to be together all the time? HELL NO. My granny would have killed my gramps. It comes down to little things like, he knows I’m sick, why won’t he cook dinner without having to ask. Those nano resentments start up over time. I traveled five days a week in my previous marriage, even though is was only a year it created large cracks. We didn’t talk about how the job was effected him, I filed for divorce. Money wasn’t a problem, I was a millionaire( not we), three rental hones and traveled the word. Some might have said this life is cushy I’ll stay. We were together 13 years, the first thing I told him when we dated, no second chances.
    I’m a very, very different person now and would have seen the fault zones earlier, I was is love he was very attractive, bought expensive jewels. None of those things mattered to me, we had failed at counseling, did not discuss money and future retirement. Oneway he came home later that planned, drunk, in a romantic mood, I was pissed and he’s grabbed my arm, it wasn’t the first. I got out of truck went back and cried on the bed know I had to make a decision. He took off on the motorcycle, truck, strait to a strip club. He came home several hours later, was pulled over by police doing over 100 mph. When he came in bedroom I told him I was filing. Everyone including family was shocked, we were perfect pair. Maybe at one time we were, we didn’t solve our problem, he didn’t believe I had a mental illness. Cracks that became earthquakes.
    That night he told me was having an affair. He was my love, best friend, spend life with. Life got in the way, we laid back and it cracked. My gramps was in love with granny until the day he died.
    Can you fiend that type of love, not superficial, I’ll pack up do anything for you, keep flames burning, not letting children wear you out and still be cheerful bride in a thong with dinner on the table. Personally I don’t believe it’s possible unless each gives up certain needs, the thong moves to granny panties and you have several teenagers who don’t like step dad.
    You and I are very different in the lovey dovey area, it’s not so much fun for me when I stopped drinking.
    You find love, time will tell if it’s true love. Every person shows love different. If anyone can make a equal marriage work I know you can.
    We tell you the negatives for you to avoid pain.
    I have my chaplet and at 9:00AM I’ll be under knife.

    This may be the longest comment I’ve made, nervous, chatty and thing I broke my are the other day falling! How many people my age fall bending two feet off ground.

    Love you. I’ll let you know how it goes, prob Friday.


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    • Wow Twin! Your comment is longer that my post! πŸ™‚
      I want true, passionate and extraordinary love and I won’t rest until I find it!
      I understand that not all of us are after the same things and I also know that people who seem really compatible and nice together can grow apart and even hate each other. I had that and I don’t want it anymore.
      I want the butterflies and the unicorns πŸ˜€

      It’s almost the time of your operation now, I’m thinking about you ❀

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      • I want that for you too!

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      • Thank you, Twin ❀ ❀ πŸ™‚


      • TP
        Boy I just kept the keys busy. Someone new to your site will go WTF? Who does she think she is. Right now I’m a bitch with pain, I have the lovely privilege for Triage RN to take bandage us how, thank you very much. It does hurt and I’ve had no meds. Well I told the doctor sometimes I have panic attacks during procedures when awake during procedure, needed more juice. It was nice, stoned, then asleep didn’t even know he was done. I do today. Next time kick me in the ass I leave a comment the long, I should take it off line. You know my lack of memory.
        Love you and the Chaplet certainly helped.You need to give me Christmas ideas, small so postal won’t give you hard time. Are scarves always gone? It’s time to mail. Leave Santa a few hints.

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      • Write as much as you like, Twin!
        I got 15 new scarves last month. I felt I needed to treat myself with the only thing I like πŸ™‚
        I hope the pain is better today! πŸ™‚


  5. I believe it exists, but I would be a liar if I told you that every moment is perfect. Love must be nurtured, held sacred, and lovers must learn the art of forgiveness. Love takes a lot of work, but it’s the shared experience that makes it invaluable.

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  6. Oh it does exist! I totally agree with you and I consider myself so lucky to know that it does.

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  7. To be honest, I’m honestly confused as to whether it exists or no.

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  8. I do believe that kind of love exists and it is the kind of the love I search for as well πŸ˜‰ Good luck dear and I know that kind of love will come and find you! ❀

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  9. I’m a bit of a cynic with a possible touch of sociopathy, and I want to believe in love like you describe. To me, though, love is a choice. It’s not a feeling. Feelings are relegated to things like “like, dislike” and romantic feelings that get ascribed to love. When I say love is a choice, I mean, I choose to put someone else’s needs and wants before my own. It’s a bit complicated and messy to explain… however, those feelings you describe, yeah, they exist, but you have to tend to them just like a normal fire. Constant stoking and refueling needed in order to keep it just right. Not enough care-taking the flame goes out, too much and you might burn your face off.

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    • I understand perfectly what you mean… And I think that when love goes to the territory where you have to choose to do something that you actually wouldn’t choose to do, part of that love is gone.
      Maybe that’s why I don’t want anyone who’s not like me. I want to avoid the disappointment of having to accept to do something that is not what I want.
      I don’t want to feel like I’m doing something because is my duty… And specially, I don’t want the other to feel that way.
      I agree about the constant stoking and refueling but that should be done only to spice up things (even more) and not to keep them alive πŸ™‚
      Yes Todd, I’m a dreamer… I bet you are thinking: “good luck with that!” πŸ˜€

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